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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cool weekend for teens at MIT

The weekend of November 19-20 my kids will be spending at MIT learning all sorts of interesting things as part of the SPLASH program. Splash is a weekend-long extravaganza of lectures, workshops, and seminars for middle school and high school students. In Splash, you can "get your feet wet" with a short introduction to a number of subjects you've always wanted to know more about (or perhaps never heard of before). Or you can "dive head first" into an in-depth seminar or intensive workshop - you can even do a little of both. Splash was created in 1988; It has run every fall from 1988 to 2004 on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Don't panic, thinking this will only offer geeky classes in neurophysics and advance linear algebra. Yes, those types of classes are offered, but so are chocolate truffle making, duct tape art, chess strategy, a lot of theatre courses, music theory, and psychology. There really is something for everyone. Check out the course catalog for 2005.

This program is part of MIT's Educational Series Program, and is designed for kids in grades 6-12. Many of the classes are for highly gifted kids, but not all are. Since 1957, the Educational Studies Program has been a MIT student activity committed to providing opportunities for learning in the greater Boston community. Most of our projects provide classes for motivated high school or middle school students interested in obtaining alternative and meaningful educational experiences, but not exclusively.

ESP classes are taught by anyone who demonstrates competence with the subject material and the ability to teach in a constructive, interesting manner. It is MIT's belief that education is and should be fun and fascinating! Most of our projects are run and taught by MIT students but professionals from the community are also encouraged to offer classes.

Best part of all this? The entire weekend costs $20 per student!

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