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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Early Release Days

Or, as I refer to them, Bargain Days. Because every single early release day, my kids try to bargain not to attend school. Theoretically I agree with the, early release days are a huge waste of time. But with attendance being watched, it is better for kids to go half a day and get a full day's credit then to run out of absences at the end of the school year. My kids start the bargaining early, usually about a week before the early release day. As we move closer to the date, the ante is raised. The Girl starts in with "We're going to be watching movies all day" which is patently untrue as she has a big science test tomorrow. She isn't missing a test. The Boy claims they are having a party and he doesn't need to attend, but he has a guidance appointment so he's going to school.

The thing is, they go to school on early release days for 3.5 hours. In middle and high school the kids have all their classes for ridiculously short periods of time, like 15 minutes each, so they can offer lunch. They have to offer lunch every day due to the federal lunch program. I don't have an issue with lunch, it's the rest of the early release day that seems silly. I don't get why they can't have 3 classes for full periods and a lunch period. Doesn't that make a bit more sense?

The weird thing about early release days is, they both want to stay after school to hang out. Now, for kids that are begging to miss the school day, why do they want to stay after to hang out? Please explain this to me.
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Blogger Chatty said...

Because they like to hang around our classrooms and bug us! LOL

26/11/05 5:41 PM  

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