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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fantasy Football, move over.

Introducting the Fantasy Fashion League. For sports fans, fantasy leagues can be aserious past time. Some 18 million people are involved in this internet craze. While some of us women get involved, other have felt left out. Now fashion-minded women have a league of their own.

It all started with a young mother from New Jersey who is married to a cubical quarterback. "I just kept teasing him about how I was going to start the Fantasy Fashion League," says Erica Salmon, Fantasy Fashion creator. After three years of teasing, Erika Salmon decided to try it out on some college friends. Instead of drafting quarterbacks and receivers, players make up a team of celebrities and designers.

Karen Fabbri loved the idea and held a draft party at her Beacon Hill shoe store in Boston.

"Let's face it," said Fabbri, "it's not brain surgery, but it's fun."

You earn points when your designers or celebrities make headlines in fashion magazines, or if they show up on the red carpet, like at the Emmy's. So far, this year's competition is all about the Desperate Housewives.

Joyce Kulhawik, the entertainment reporter for CBS4 in Boston, had a chance to ask Marcia Cross, a Marlboro native, about the game on the red carpet. "Did you know you are a number one draft pick in the Fantasy Fashion League?" she was asked. Cross replied, "No, what's that"�

The celebrities may not have heard of the Fantasy Fashion League, but it�s catching on with armchair fashion lovers all over the world.

Erika says she has already heard from some designers she included in the game, and some who were disappointed they did not make the cut. The season kicked off with the Emmy's, but you can jump in any time. The Fashion Super Bowl is the Academy Awards.

It's not too late to join and costs $18 per player. You can play with a group or as an individual.
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Blogger Laurie said...

Loved the pic of Angelina... she is so hot :-)

9/11/05 9:55 AM  

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