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Friday, November 04, 2005

HodgePodge Friday

First, the content of the Google ads have nothing to do with me, nor do I endorse them. So if you think I'm advertising to support Messianic Jews that make "prayer shawls", you're dead wrong. I don't support ANYTHING the J4J folks do. I have no issue whatsoever with whatever religion someone is or isn't, but I have huge issues with people who pretend to be Jewish when they are in fact Christians who proselytize secular Jews who don't know any better. I can't help that Google includes this in their ads, but I'm not endorsing or supporting it in any way.

Next, the Girl continues to amaze me. Today she was talking about a friend of hers, a boy named B who is gay and out. She went on to say how different her new middle school is from the other middle school she attended in that the kids at the new school are totally cool about the gay kids and they feel free to be out and proud, whereas in the other school "the kids were really scummy and mean and would jump anyone who they thought was gay". Woooohooooo! She's got it. Finally, she has realized that just because the schools are next door to each other, the population of the first school is comprised of really mean kids, and the school she now attends is not only better academically, but better socially. I am so proud of her that she's making these social connections on her own. It's all that I hoped for and more.

Also, the Girl is going to a school dance tonight...with a boy! Gulp. She and I both agree that there won't be any single dating until she's 16. In fact, she's asked me if that would be OK. I think it's a relief to her that she won't have to deal with the whole dating/sex thing for a bit. But group dates are fine, and this is a big group of her friends going to the dance. Funny thing, the girls aren't allowed to wear skirts to the dance. How times have changed since I was in Junior High.

The Boy is at his friend H's house. H is from Uganda and speaks a language I've never heard before, Lugandan. It is the most amazing sounding language that sounds (and I mean this with all respect) a lot like the Ubba Dubba language they used to speak on ZOOM. The first time I heard a conversation between H and his brother, who speaks no English, I was astounded. It makes me want to learn it, just because it sounds so cool.

Here's a newsflash. I hate Oprah Winfrey. There is something about this woman that totally rubs me the wrong way. It's like she's risen to goddess status in this country, and I don't really think she's worthy of it. I was ticked off that the ONLY thing they showed on the news regarding Rosa Park's funeral was a clip of Oprah speaking. What the hell does she have to do with Rosa Parks? Today, on her show, she showed yet another tour of one of her many homes. This was actually just the 'guest house' on her estate in Montecito, CA. The guest house had at least 4 bedrooms, several sitting rooms, a huge kitchen (like guests need a gigantic gourmet kitchen?) and a bathroom that's about the size of my living room. It was decorated to the hilt, with every bit of fabric, toile, knickknack, tzchake, painting, pictures, etc. matching perfectly. It was right out of an Interior magazine. So the Girl and I are watching it with our stomachs roiling and the Girl turns to me and says, "Can you imagine how many Hurricaine Katrina survivors could live in that house? Did Oprah even take in any hurricaine survivors?" Man, I'm so loving this kid right now. She's just become such a neat person (most of the time) with such empathy and such respect for others. It only it would transfer to her teachers. And me. :-)

With everyone gone, my chicken dinner is on hold and I'll eat leftoever eggplant parmisan. Oh well...

Don't worry about me. I'll just sit here in the dark.

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Blogger Belinda said...

You know I love the girl. I just killed my Google ads because of the content of so many of them. A friend gave me instructions on how to block ones I don't like through Adsense, but you have to block each individual vendor, so I'd have been at it all day, every day. I finally couldn't stand people thinking I endorse PeTA, HSUS, or all those darned puppymillers selling dogs over the internet.

5/11/05 2:28 AM  
Blogger nita said...

orca winfrey? hate her.

5/11/05 12:10 PM  

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