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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I think we're getting somewhere

Today, the Boy, Girl and I went on an errand to Newbury Comics. We had to return something and the Boy wanted to buy some Ramones compilation CD. On the way home he mentioned, right out of the blue, that two of his old friends have turned into druggies and that he's staying away from them because he doesn't want to get into trouble. My heart just lept, I was so happy. All those years of telling him over and over again that doing drugs on top of his medications was dangerous and would only lead to serious trouble. I think he head me finally, and now that he's in high school and drugs are readily available, he's realizing that he can say "no" and still have friends. I'm so happy that he's gotten to this place on his own. My kids are growing up and they're making good choices and I'm feeling like maybe I'm doing a good job after all. After last year's failures, this is a great place for us all to be.

And, this morning the Boy so totally cracked me up. The Girl woke up early and climbed into bed with me for a snuggle. All of a sudden the Boy came slamming into my room, and yelled, "Mom! It's 7:00 and I'm going to miss the bus. Why didn't you wake me up?" At the exact same time the Girl and I said, "It's Saturday". He said, "Oh, sorry. Resume your positions." and left to go back to sleep. Totally cracked us up.

While we're on the subject of family, let me bitch about our cat Ringo. I've probably mentioned that I consider him a cute, but worthless pet. He doesn't come when you call him, he isn't a lap cat, he only likes us when there is food around, and he spends the majority of him time sleeping in the linen closet. Worthless. But the one thing he does that is really utterly annoying is to sleep the day away and then wake up alert and ready to bother around 3 am. First he goes downstairs to use the litterbox and makes the stinkiest poop ever. He never covers it up, so he starts meowing at top volume for someone to cover it up for him. That's my job. Then he starts bothering the Girl, because she's the lightest sleeper in the house and will eventually capitulate and feed him. Never mind that he has food in his bowl, he wants fresh food. Not only that, but he wants fresh water. In a dixie cup. On the side of the sink. Not in his many water bowls, nope, in the damn paper cup.

He likes to knock things over in the Girls bedroom. She has the usual junk on everything typical of a 13-yr old girl, and it's so much fun to knock it onto the floor, piece by piece. It's kitty Chinese Water Torture. Last night he knocked over her boom box that made the most enormous thud. Woke me right up. He was being particularly annoying, meowing and running up the back stairs and down the front stairs (what fun!), so I took him into my bathroom and gave him a strong lecture on his behavior. That, and a fistful of water in his face, plus keeping the door shut with my foot while I held him in place to speak sternly to him got him pissed off enough to run downstairs and hide.... for about 3 minutes, when I let him go. All he wants is to be outside at night, and it's not safe because we have coyotes in town that do hunt little pets at night. But I swear it, if he doesn't buckle down and start behaving better, I'm going to salt and pepper him, and maybe marinate him in a little Soy Vey and put him out for the coyotes to enjoy.
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Blogger FattyPants said...

Hi :) I'm just randomly visiting some michele bloggers. I HATE oprah too!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe everyone idolizes her because shes rich. But being rich doesn't keep you from being annoying.

6/11/05 1:56 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Oh, good, a Boy Report. I was wanting some fresh news of him. "Resume Your Positions." Indeed. I think The Boy is going to be Just. Fine.

And you have to stop, with the cat. It will be painfully annoying for a few days, but do you not see that HE has YOU trained? (not to mention that after making the stinky poop and getting litterbox detritous all over his paws, he's standing ON YOUR COUNTERTOP spreading toxoplasmosis so he can drink out of a Dixie cup! What kind of upside-down, Planet of the Apes world is this???? (cried the woman with 7 poodles and more on the way)

6/11/05 4:29 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Let me tell you what he did LAST night. I know I say he's a stupid cat, but this was really pretty amazing. After he had his drink of fresh cold water in the Dixie cup, he calmly pushed the cup into the sink to empty it. I thought it was quite thoughtful of him not to leave the cup standing where other people might drink out of it.

Cats, unlike dogs, refused to be trained. I am very mean and I hate being bothered by a cat, but no matter what we do, he wants to play at night and he especially wants to play with the girl, the only one of us that really tolerates his nonsense. But he was out most of the day today, so he'll be in the linen closet most of the night, we hope.

The boy is sick today. Looks like it could be either strep or an ear infection. He's a whiney mess.

6/11/05 6:46 PM  
Blogger nita said...

it's great to hear these nice little family vignettes. your kids sound amazing and fun as all hell!

6/11/05 9:42 PM  

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