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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I won! I really won!

Today, after putting the groceries away, the Girl and I planned to head on over to the Container Store where they were giving gift wrapping and bow making demonstrations. Trying desperately to get into the swing of the upcoming holidays despite my surgery looming large and my financial situation blackening the cloud cover, I though a little class on how to wrap presents might entertain us. The Girl had never been to the container store, but the Boy and I had both assured her many times that she would absolutely love it. To enhance our assurances we recieved a catalog of stocking stuffers from the Container Store and she was coveting many of the items despite the fact that we don't have Hanukkah stockings.

Anyhew... we drove on over and were the first ones lined up for the demonstration. They had us fill out cards for a raffle where the prize was a $25 gift certificate for the store. First they taught us how to wrap a package using invisible seams. Turns out that I'm a fairly good wrapper because I knew most, but not all of the tricks. I learned that once you've wrapped the packages, if you go over the seams and pinch them with your fingernails, they make nice tight corners and the packages look more professionally wrapped. Call me Martha! Then we moved onto bows. I have to admit, I was kind of cheating here, because I worked in a florist shop between college and grad school and I made plenty of bows. But I haven't made any since, so I took up the ribbon eagerly and followed the directions and made myself one hella nasty red bow. It was gorgeous if I do say so myself. The Girl wasn't quite as adept and her bow was sad at best, but she didn't much care because they then introduced us to this totally excellent spiral tubular ribbon stuff that was way cool, and the Girl fell into it and created one wicked bow. We also learned how to make long bows and pointsettia bows, and they gave us a little booklet on bowmaking, just in case we forgot our lessons.

The next step was the drawing, and believe it or not, I actually won! I never win anything. I mean never ever ever. But I won the gift certificate and the Girl and I shopped the entire store deciding on what to buy. We're so damn boring. I picked out an OXO can opener because I don't believe in electric can openers and the two manual ones we have both suck pickles. This one is nice and I think I'm going to love it.

We also picked out two stainless steel over-the-door hooks for certain people's backpacks so they don't end up on the floor. I'm really going to like those. As soon as we got home I hung them up on the hall closet door and had the kids pick up their backpacks off the floor and hang them up. Nice!

I got a Filofax 2006 calendar, week on two pages for my trusty Filofax. And the Girl picked out this funny clear rubber duck that has colored lights that flash inside it. She thought it would flash in water, but it turns out that it flashes in response to body heat. Or at least we think so!

All in all a fun outing.
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