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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ignoring my own advice

Here I am advising all your bloggers through Jakob Nielsen to blog at least a couple of times a day, and I've said absolutely nothing new today at all. Mea culpa!

The Boy was home sick today and we spent most of the day talking and snuggling and napping. He had a bit of a gippy tummy and didn't eat a thing all day today, which is highly unusual. His fever has gone back to normal, so he's off to school tomorrow, but I think he needed a day off just to spend some 'quality' time on my bed. We had to hit Petco today to pick up some catfood for the Worthless Pet, and while we were there they were grooming a couple of the cutest dogs. One was a big mother of a black cocker spaniel, the other a smallish Old English Sheepdog. We spent quite a few minutes being throughily entertained by this.

We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for coffee. Both of my kids drink coffee. I have little control over it. I don't even own a coffee maker at home, because I can be such an addict and I'm not supposed to drink it at all due to my heart, so it's really not my fault that they are coffee drinkers. We just happen to live within easy walking distance of two Dunkin' Donuts, a Starbucks, and another two local coffee cafes. I didn't plan it that way, but it just happened. We're so close to a DD that the girl will pass by on her way to the school bus, stop in for brekkie, and walk to the bus with her Mocha Latte. It's her money....

I am so annoyed with my Visa provider. They drive me insane. If I'm one day late (not usually, but it happens) they call wanting to know when the payment will arrive, and they will continue to call until it's deposited into their account. Since the mail takes at least 3 days, and can be up to 5 days because they're on the other side of the country, that's a lot of annoying calls. I hate them.

There was an Amber Alert today when a bioMom without custody and with a big drug problem and a scummy boyfriend kidnapped her 5 yr-old daughter and another 3 yr-old boy from the girl's foster home. The mom and her boyfriend took the kids on a grand tour of the greater Boston area, ditching 3 cars and ending up at the airport. Both kids were found and returned unharmed, but it could have been a real disaster with a bad outcome. So far, every Amber Alert that we've had since it's inception has been solved with a few hours. This is so remarkable.
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Blogger Milt Bogs said...

You have just reminded me to pay my visa bill and saved me paying interest charges. Thanks for that. :)

11/11/05 4:15 AM  

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