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Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm a Boomtown Rat

I don't like Mondays. I'm not going to shoot the whole world down, but Mondays totally suck. Today was no different. Our garbage disposal, the brand new one that was replaced when our kitchen was redone is as dead as a doornail. Dead, defunct, bit the bullet. A goner. I thought it was maybe clogged on something, but there wasn't anything it couldn't eat, so I pushed the reset button, and still not a sound. Then I went down to the breaker box and reset every breaker in the house (we just rewired and I have no clue as to which goes to what), hoping to hear even a tiny whir. Nope, nada. So there is no electricity going to the disposal, which means, of course, that it has ground it's last leftover. So convenient when cooking is a must, eh?

I left a message with our plumber, but he's "off for the week". Can you believe it? I asked a neighbor to come look at it, but he said he knew nothing. And of course, I have absolutely no money to repair the damn thing right now, never mind buy a replacement. This wasn't a really expensive one, but it lasted all of 6 months, and so I'm not getting another cheap one if I can help it. Recently I was watching that new This Old House show where they repair stuff in people's homes (oh, I should email them, I'm in the area!) and they showed how disposals work, which I found fascinating. What appears to be our problem, based solely on the knowledge gleaned by a 30-minute TV show on PBS, is that the trap thingy that all the ground up stuff shoots out to is completely clogged. We literally had to bail out the sink tonight and do the dishes in the bathroom sink. Gross, but effective!

I've got that stomach thing again. I might have to swallow my pride and call the doctor. Ugh. I'm totally anti-doctor right now. But I would like to eat something without it passing out of my body 20 minutes later.

The Girl was visited by Aunt Flo for the 3rd time in 2 months, right in the middle of her cycle. She's fit to be tied, and so am I because she is a roaring bitch right now, and I'm ready to lock her in a dog crate in the basement for a couple of days. She better shape up by Thanksgiving.

In entertainment news, Oprah is going to appear on David Letterman on Thursday, Dec. 1. This is a TIVO moment if ever there was one. Her last appearance was in 1989 and she and Dave have a pretty bad relationship. He made fun of her when she was fat, and she has said that she hates him. I don't blame her.

Also, Simon Cowell has said he may not return to American Idol next season. What reason would anyone have to watch the show without Simon?

I've heard that Verizon has made a deal to carry a Lost blurbette on their videophones. Damn, and that of course means a new phone and a new carrier.

Oh yippee. It's almost Tuesday.
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Anonymous MetroDad said...

Do you have any idea how much I love a good Boomtown Rats reference? Really. I love it.

22/11/05 1:16 AM  
Blogger wordgirl said...

I'm trying to picture myself watching ANYTHING about garbage disposals. Still, it paid off for you and I'm glad.

Never watched "American Idol", but
am a huge Letterman fan. If Oprah is coming on, I imagine Dave's going to have to eat a huge plate of crow for the occasion. If that's the only reason she going to appear, then I like her even less for it.

I'm new to the blogger nation. Come visit my site and leave a comment...pretty please.

22/11/05 11:33 AM  

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