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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unbelievable! Surgery cancelled at 4 p.m today.

I called in for my presurgery phone call after 3:30, as requested, and I find out that they have moved my surgery from 11:30 to 6 am. Meaning I would have to be at the hospital at 4 am Thursday morning. They rescheduled because they have an emergency open heart surgery and it moved all the elective surgeries around. OK. that's find, but it's impossible for a single parent to leave their kids on less than 24 hours notice, never mind the fact that it's a 4 am. I'm not even asleep yet at 4 am usually, which is a plus I guess, but still, how on earth can I just walk out of the house at 4 am, who is going to drive me to the hospital at 4 am, and who is going to make sure that the kids get up and go to school at 4 am? On no notice. Yes, this is the second time they've rescheduled me at the last minute and I haven't been able to make emergency plans, but are they learning for the experience? I think not. I understand the hospital's position, after all a seriously ill patient should take precidence over me, but damn! This just totally sucks.

I had to cancel all my plans, I still haven't reached my friend who would have been keeping the kids overnight, and I'm going to have to go through all this tsuris again in a month or two. I'm just wicked annoyed. Relieved in a way, but annoyed. Everyone at the hospital was nice, but the thing is, they need to understand that I don't have a support system in place that can change plans at the last minute. My friends have their own kids to deal with. Nobody can just drop everything to take me to the hospital when it's convenient for the hospital. It's not realistic.

Anyhow, reserve those prayers for another time, and yes, I so appreciate all the support you internets have shown me. Bless you all.
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