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Thursday, November 10, 2005

What I'm really longing for

In northern California there is a chain of Vietnamese/Chinese noodle houses called TK Noodle. It used to be Tung Kee Noodle, but they redid their signs and their menus and now it's new and improved. This restaurant chain is the greatest place to go eat dinner when you're tired and need a big bowl of soup to rejuvinate you. Not only do they have a great choice of soups and noodle types, they also offer a dish that I can't find anywhere else on the face of the earth, evidentally. It's a Vietnamese specialty called BANH BAT CHI'N TRANG or Fried Egg Flour Cake. It's kind of indescribable but I'll try. There are flour pancakes surrounded by fried eggs and a lot of celantro and it comes with an amazing sauce. I've called quite a few Vietnamese restaurants around here and they don't have this dish on the menu. I've even asked if they'll make it for me, but no takers so far.

The thing about TK that makes me miss it so much is not only is the food great, but it's cheap. I've never been to a restaurant where a family of three good eaters can pay $15 and leave stuffed. Without my Flour Egg Cake we can eat for under $10. You don't see that in the Boston area. We do have a Noodle House pretty close by, but it's ridiculously expensive and nowhere near as good. I miss my TK Noodle. If I could figure a way to ship that Fried Egg Flour Cake back east, I'd do it.

Now admit it, aren't you hungry just looking at these pics?
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Blogger neener said...

Here in ATL we have a pretty good cheap local noodle chain called Doc Chey's. Their t-shirts say "Peace. Love. Noodles." http://www.doccheys.com/index.html

There's a very mediocre national noodle chain gaining traction here called Mama Fu's, but Doc Chey's is wayy better. I'll look to see if they have your Egg Flour Cake.

Pangeia, a cool new place on the west side of Atlanta, has Banh Mei, another Vietnamese treat I love.

10/11/05 12:25 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

omg, I am starving now!!!

the flour cake thing sounds incredible!

there's a great viet restaurant in Windsor, Ontario that I love.. I wonder if they make it there?

I think a trip across the border is now a must.

Thanks ;-)

10/11/05 1:40 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

We don't have ANY noodle houses here, a fact which stymies me, due to the high Asian population and the high percentage of Asian restaurants of other types...we even have 4 Asian markets in my not-so-big town (air base town).

I think Alex and I had one of our best NYC meals at a noodle house on Times Square--can't remember which one; it was near Carnegie Deli and was all white and chrome.

10/11/05 6:00 PM  
Blogger Happy Mama to Three said...

You know I am a resident of Northern California now and hadn't ever heard of this place. There isn't one in Modesto it seems. However there is one in Sacramento and we will be up there next Saturday so we may have to take a look. You know you can ship items sealed and frozen on Dry ice as long as you do it overnight. Perhaps I should see if we can figure out how to pack you up a cake or two.

Always one for a challenge

10/11/05 6:40 PM  
Blogger margalit said...


I'd KILL for some of that flour cake. If you go to TK, order some and tell me if you think it's as good as I do. We just love it. I used to feed it to the kids like they were little birdies, picking up pieces in my chopsticks and shoveling it into their mouths. Too cute!

11/11/05 1:39 AM  

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