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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Wish list

I stayed up the entire night last night working on the family wish list. This wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. We're talking about three very different personalities with very different wants. Me, I'm only interested in books and stuff we need for the kitchen. The rest of the stuff is for the kids. We've had three full years of piss poor Chanukas, where the kids get little to nothing from me, and only a couple of items from other people. It stinks. All around them their friends are piled high with presents for the holiday season, and even if I don't buy into the whole Chanukah equals the Jewish Christmas crap, and believe me, I don't, I can't buy my kids even the things they need, never mind extras like games and toys. I'm so fricking tired of being po. It just sucks so much. And I'm even more tired of saying "no" when they aren't asking for the moon, they're asking for stuff like shoes and coats. Last month I caught up on the shoes and boots, and hopefully we're all set for a few months. We're OK on coats as well, thanks to a secret donor that bought the Girl a coat I could ill afford and would never have bought anyhow. White. A white coat. WTF? But the Girl loves it.

Man, I gotta go to bed.

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Blogger Shari said...

I just got done reading a similar post of a friend of mine. I offered to get her an Imaginary Internet Present for the Holidays.

Just know, I am now shopping for you and your family, too.

29/11/05 11:16 AM  

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