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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Boy, there sure are a lot of Christmas Posts out there in Blogland

I've been surfing this afternoon, and pretty much every blog I've visited has had something about Christmas as their latest blog. I've seen plenty of photos of trees, decorated and about to be decorated. Lots of photos of kids and Santa. Lists of gifts kids are getting, and lists of things kids want. Funny tales about decorating disasters and lighting errors. Talk about whether or not to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays". I've read about your favorite Christmas movies and songs, and even TV specials. And I have to admit, I've skimmed a lot of posts about what your families are doing for the holiday, because I really can't relate and find them kinda...well... boring.

It's weird. I don't really have much to do with Christmas in my real life. Most of my friends don't celebrate it, nor do our neighbors. We live in a town that is almost 50% Jewish, and that tends to keep the Christmas excess to a minimum. It's easy to live like this if you don't celebrate Christmas. But as part of the blogging community, I'm feeling like I should just shut the fuck up for this month because I evidentally have nothing much to say. We don't decorate for Hanukah. The only thing we do is get the Hanukiot (menorahs) out of the cabinets and off the bookshelves, cover the sideboard with a thick layer of tin foil, put the Hanukiot out, and light them nightly. We have 7 Hanukiot that we normally use, and the last night of Hanukah, when all the candles are lit, it's quite lovely to see. I usually get out all the Sivivionim (dreidels) that we've collected over the years, and spread them in between the Hanukiot. Everyone gets a large net bag of gelt (chocolate money) and we play Sivivon for gelt. That's pretty much it. Really hard to stretch that out into a whole post, never mind several posts.

I can't post here what the kids are getting because they both read my blog. Hahaha, Boy and Girl. You're going to have to wait! But we don't do big presents, mostly it's clothing and items that they need.

I've already wrapped a few things I've bought, but for the most part I've not gotten them anything yet. I'm waiting until the apres Christmas sales! That's the joy of a late Hanukah!

I did buy potatos, onions and oil, so we'll have Latkes for Hanukah. I love them with sour cream, the kids like both sour cream and apple sauce. I'll order some Sufganiot (jelly donuts) from the Kosher bakery and we'll eat fried foods and feel disgusting. What a great holiday, eh? Actually, I love latkes and could eat vast quantities of them. I make several kinds, including my personal favorite, curried sweet potato. Yum.

And to be totally politically correct, I'm going to say Happy Holidays!
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Anonymous the boy said...

I want to know what my presents are! I'm going to look through your reciepts and I already know where you are hiding the presents. (cue dramatic music), I WILL find out what my presents are.

13/12/05 5:12 PM  
Blogger Debby said...

to the boy - i used to snoop to find out what my presents where when i was younger -- ohhh who am i kidding, i pump my grands to find out what my kids are getting me still - it takes all the fun out of it - don't look!!!!!

It's a good thing you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy latkes, because I love them and pig out every single chance I get.

Happy Holidays to you all!!!!

13/12/05 6:51 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Heh. Let's recall the rule in our house. If you find and sneak open the presents, you don't get them until your birthday. That's in August. The END of August. Let's remember the Star Wars Trilogy set, shall we?

I love this kid but....

13/12/05 6:51 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Can you post the recipe for the latkes? I've never made them right, or knisch, and I love to eat both--if I want to, though, I'd darn well better make them, because, did I mention, I live in ARKANSAS? We have cinnamon rolls as big as your head, but anything more "unusual?" Don't hold your breath.

I got hooked on those foods, as well as falafel, Russian tea with black cherry sauce, etc. on trips to NYC...I almost wish I never found out about them!

13/12/05 11:42 PM  
Blogger Misfit Hausfrau said...

I thoroughly enjoyed living in my old neighborhood in Pittsburgh during Hannukah. Apparently, our neighborhood had more Russian Jews than anywhere else outside of Russia. I loved going to the deli and picking up latkes to take home. The best part was the beat-up white van that would drive through the neighborhood every night during Hanukkah with a HUGE Menorah sitting on top of it. There were also huge loudspeakers and the driver would shout out "HAPPY HANNUKAH! IT'S HANNUKAH EVERYBODY!" for an hour.

14/12/05 8:03 PM  
Blogger jennifer starfall said...

i'm not blogging xmas. i'm not very interesting, but you can hang out at my place if you want.

15/12/05 3:57 PM  
Blogger L said...

Please don't feel like you can't blog about what you want or Hannukkah or anything else during this time. I celebrate Xmas but completely respect those who choose to not. My good friend recently converted to Judaism and this is her second year not really celebrating Xmas the "old fashioned religious way". I think it is important to create whatever holiday/family tradition fits your lifestyle and to not feel badly or alienated.

20/12/05 10:41 AM  
Blogger Blog Antagonist said...

I second the request for the latkes recipe. I've had them, and they are heavenly (potatoes are my crack) but I've never triet to make them myself. I would love to give it a try.

22/12/08 8:48 PM  

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