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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Dog Show

Despite an amazing screwup of The Ride, the handicap public transportation service I use to drive me around, we did arrive at the Bay Colony Dog Show and had the best time. The first thing we went to see were the agility trials. We initially stumbled upon the beginning group, and they were a riot. The dogs were jumping over the wrong fences, and couldn't do the weave, and were having the time of their lives jumping and barking and running around like complete idiots. Totally dog! There were a lot of golden retrievers in this trial, and yes, they're beautiful dogs, but they are slow in agility trials, and not all that bright compared to other breeds like the australian shepard dog. Now those were agility champs.

The next thing was the advanced/expert trials, and this was my favorite part. Not the dogs, but the handlers learning the field before the trials began. It was hilarious. About 50 adults roaming one after the other thru the field, and pointing and talking to themselves, and turning around like they were doing tai chi in front of the tunnels. It was the weirdest dance I've ever seen. We were just in hysterics watching it. Then they brought out the dogs, and man, they were fast. A lot of them disqualified by making mistakes, but the ones that made the course did so in a flash. We just thought this was so fun to watch.

We then wandered around and looked at all the dogs being groomed and hanging around before we went to the individual breed events. I fell MADLY in love with an English Setter and he with me. I felt like stealing him and just taking off. What a gorgeous dog with such a nice personality. The Girl was passionate about the Old English Sheepdogs, who look absolutely ridiculous with their hair all teased up. But they are so sweet. The Girl's friend who came with us was into the Newfie's, Mastiffs, and Great Pyranees. Evidentally, if a dog doesn't weigh 200 lbs, she's not interested! The Boy was jonesing on the Irish Setters, a breed I've actually had much experience with as I had a couple of those nutters.

We saw the German Shorthaired Pointers, the English Pointers, the Gordon Setters, and the English setters do their individual events, and then watched a Best in Breed with a bunch of Hound dogs.

Then we wandered around some more and pet more dogs and looked at all the dog related merchandise for sale. We found the perfect housewarming gift for Belinda when she moves into her new house. We looked at a ton of Ninja Poodles, but it's really hard to tell what they actually look like when they're in their show clip. The poodle puppies were adorable in their puppy clip, though. We saw the cutest matching coats and leashes in sizes from Chichuahua to Mastiff, and they had matching booties as well. Very cute. Lots of Christmas Costume stuff, too.

It was then time for the Best in Class events, starting with Hounds, and moving on to Terriers, Toys (what is it with those mop dogs like the shi tzu and the silky terriers, anyhow?), Working, Sporting, which is my absolute favorite, and then we thought that our ride was going to arrive, so we picked up our incredibly valuable chairs and went to the door. However, the Ride didn't show up, which was the third screwup of the day. I called them and they went through this whole litany of excuses for fucking up, then told me the driver would be there in a half hour, so we went back and watched the Best in Show groups. They did it in two parts, but the end result is that the English Springer Spaniel won Best in Show. He was a gorgeous dog, but I had my eye on the Bloodhound as the winner. He came in second.

We went back to find out that the damn driver didn't arrive, called again, and then again, and they finally picked us up two hours late. We didn't get home until 7 pm and we were starving.

The kids all had a great time, and we were totally doggy satiated. Going to the dog show is a blast, and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet been to one. It's a great way to see all different breeds up close, to talk to breeders about their dogs, and to watch professionals work with the dogs. The judges and handlers were from all over the country, and they seemed to have a really nice rapport with each other that was nice to see.

We got home and ate dinner, and I passed out on the sofa. This is tiring business and an extra two hours sent me over the edge. But I'm in doggy heaven right now. Woof!
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Blogger Andrew said...

Shih tzu (or as you reffered to them as shi tzu) are suposed to lock like mogs... welll properly groomed mops at least. I'm a lover of the Shih tzu and think they are great dogs. I love your comment on the handlers. I would hate showing a sport dog. With my Shih tzu basiclly i just have to walk her around. None of that nonsense. LOL, but it is fun to watch. thanks for the laugh.

12/12/05 12:02 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

Hi, Margalit, Michele sent me. I would love to see a dog show live; so far the only ones I have seen are on TV. Where in NC did you live?

12/12/05 1:15 AM  
Blogger margalit said...

Hi Judy,

I lived in Apex, right on the Cary line. You know, Apex is the Peak of Good Living, right?

12/12/05 1:52 AM  
Blogger Candace said...

Thanks for the virtual dog show, Margalit!

12/12/05 12:39 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

My dad has a Border Collie and it is the smartest dog I have ever known. He knows all the standard tricks and then some. He also knows left and right and "smile"!

12/12/05 4:37 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

So glad you had a good time! If you haven't before, go to my site and put "best dog ever" in the search engine. He really was.

13/12/05 11:47 PM  

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