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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Girl is Back

And there's gonna be trouble, hey la hey la, the Girl is back.

She went to the movies with her friend after they went out to lunch. Well, la di da! La di da! She saw "The Family Stone" and said it was really sad. Funny, I thought it was a comedy, but she said they all cried. She also said that she "tried" to call but the phone was busy and she "never" leaves messages. I gave her about 50 reasons why she will now leave messages, and some of those reasons are called Chanukah Presents, if you get my drift.

The Worthless Pet, who hates when she is gone, immediately tipped over the garbage pail in the kitchen twice. In the couple of years we've had him, he has never shown the slightest interest in the garbage, so he's definately letting her know how annoyed he is that he was stuck with me all day today. I'm definately second best, and that's just fine with me. Then Worthless Pet starts following her all over the house, which drives her nuts. At one point, after about a half hour of tripping over the damn cat, she says "Mommy, Ringo is trying to tell me something. What is he trying to say?" and the boy and I answer at the exact same time "Timmy's in the well."

I think the Boy has inherited my sick sense of humor. Goody!
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Blogger Belinda said...

I love the illustration, and I'm glad she's OK, but boy, I'm still pretty ruffled at her! (This is where she rolls her eyes and says, "UM, does this neurotic woman from Arkansas know that I am NOT, in fact, her daughter?" NO matter, I'm invested.)

17/12/05 5:23 PM  
Blogger Bhakti said...

I hope you find the girl soon!!

Happy Holidays!

p.s. Michele said to say hello!

17/12/05 5:32 PM  
Anonymous tommy said...

well someone better go get timmy.

michele sent me.

17/12/05 5:32 PM  
Blogger Carmi said...

I like his sense of humor. Wicked indeed. You're raising both of them well! Good on you, ima.

Shavua tov (but it the rabbi here finds out I'm blogging on Shabbat, I'm in serious trouble!)

BTW, new pic on my site...just for you!

17/12/05 5:34 PM  
Blogger craziequeen said...

'Timmy's in the well' - classic :-)

Michele sent me :-)


17/12/05 5:45 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very Funny..
I saw The Family Stone, too...It is funny and sad...there is some 'suspension of disbelief' problems, but such a talented cast..Worth seeing, I think...
What is your Mama's name? I might even know her...! You can leave it on my blog, or email me, if you rather: Myrtillo1984@yahoo.com

17/12/05 6:37 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Glad she came home. You let her know who is boss, mom, and that it is not okay to make you worry!

Michele sent me.

17/12/05 11:28 PM  
Blogger Trinity13 said...

I thought The Family Stone looked good, but I'm not in the mood for a crying movie!

Btw, Michele sent me!!!

17/12/05 11:39 PM  
Blogger Dr. Cissa Fireheart said...

Glad she was OK, but goodness....I would have been just as upset too!

Thanks for the heads up on the Family Stone movie. One less movie to add to my list on Netflix when it is on DVD....

18/12/05 10:06 AM  
Anonymous Surcie said...

I thought that was a comedy, too. Sheesh.

18/12/05 3:42 PM  
Anonymous Jamie said...

Well, that's the only answer, isn't it? We occasionally do the Lassie joke in our family, too.

"Bark bark bark bark bark. Woof."
"What? Timmy's lost in the woods being hunted by evil men? Come on, Lassie, show us where he is."

My mom does an impressive Flipper impersonation, too.

Came here from Michele.

18/12/05 3:43 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Someone was telling me about a friend that actually went through with the no-present threat. Harsh, yes, but she said that the behavioral change for two months was amazing!

18/12/05 3:43 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Oh yeah, I'm here from Michele's

18/12/05 3:44 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

HAs the girl become properly penitent?

Michele sent me back.

18/12/05 4:02 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Back today from Michele's M&G...And happy to be stopping by, once again!

18/12/05 4:06 PM  
Blogger Plain Jane said...

Welcome back then! (love that tune)

Here from Michele's. :)

18/12/05 4:11 PM  
Blogger Prego said...

Don't get me started on dogs! I've got 8lbs of dog mess waiting for me in the snowy yard.

Here from Michele today.

18/12/05 4:19 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Confucius say: "A sick sense of humor is an asset... until it gets you fired."

Here today from Michele's, and because you were so nice when you visited my site earlier, I'll also say Happy Chanukah.

18/12/05 4:27 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

hi... sorry you got skipped, thats no fair. I love the post~he's in the well!lol!
here from micheles!
have a happy holiday!

18/12/05 4:53 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

here from micheles! lol !
have a good holiday

18/12/05 4:55 PM  
Blogger aka_monty said...

LOL! That's exactly what we say about Timmy. :)

Hello, Michele sent me (today)!

18/12/05 4:58 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Hi, visiting from Michele's this evening.

18/12/05 5:12 PM  
Blogger jane said...

I usually love sick humor. Remember, kids always want to know they have boundaries, no matter how much they kick & scream.

19/12/05 5:22 PM  

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