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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I got nothing

Snow was on the ground when I woke up this morning, which gave me the excuse to roll over and go back to sleep. That probably wasn't the best idea, but man, if anyone needs to sleep a 12 hour day, it's this old hag. By the time I got out of bed, showered, got dressed, and straightened up my room, it was 3 pm and the day was gone. Shit, and there were things I wanted to do today and just never got to.

Because the kids were stuck in the house most of the day they drove each other crazy bickering and at one point I was considering the option of mass murder. How much time do you think I'd get in the big house? I said some classics today, including this one to the boy: "If you change the channel one more time when someone is watching the television, and I DO NOT CARE if you're only switching it for a second, it's rude and you DO NOT NEED to check up on the scores of every damn football game played in the free world, so if you change the channel one more time, I will take the clickers away from you and you WILL NOT be allowed to sit and watch TV while holding a clicker. Do you understand me?" The moron actually had tears in his eyes at the thought of not being allowed to hold a clicker while he's watching TV. That's how annoying he is.
I swear it, I'm going to train the testosterone out of him if I have to die trying.

Then, later he pulled the shower trick. By now, he KNOWS I know when he fakes taking a shower, but he still does it all the time. He turns on the shower and lets it run while he is really watching TV in my bedroom. I catch him doing this all the time, but he still thinks he's going to get away with it this next time. Like hell he will. He gets out of the 'shower' and changes into his pajamas and I call him downstairs and he refuses to come. So I start the "I'm putting on the parental controls" threat (are you getting that his life revolves around the TV in it's various guises?) and down he comes, hair dry as a bone. He claims he already dried it, but nope...not buying it. So I send him back upstairs and he comes down again with wet hair, but he still didn't take a shower. He did wash his hair, so he's going for 1 day of parental controls and a supervised shower tomorrow. I can't believe I still have to frigging supervise his showers at 13.

And don't even get me started on Ms Snippy. Suffice it to say, anything out of her mouth today was a cutting remark and I couldn't wait for bedtime.

Good times, folks. Good times!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to "clean my room" by spending time hiding in the nook between my bed and the corner with the nighttable/bookcase and the wall, not visible at all from the hallway or most parts of my room, reading. Sometimes my mother would be annoyed, especially if I insisted I was cleaning that (very small) area, but mostly I was left alone for hours, basically having disappeared.

5/12/05 12:05 PM  
Blogger Celena said...

ugh.. ok, I'm reading your posts backwards.. so in the one a couple above I mentioned how I was poor growing up.. well.. we were so poor I was only ALLOWED to shower every other day, for 5 minutes, even when I had long hair and had to shave my legs. SO, that being said, I want to kick your son's butt for wasting (hot) water and your money!

6/12/05 2:04 PM  

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