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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just call me Suckah Mom:
Why I'm completely nauseaus right now

And that's not soccer, that's sucker. I love my baby boy to death, honest I do. But there are times when I want to wring his skinny little neck. Today he had a huge party at school. Fair enough. But I got a call from his advisor last night that the Boy had promised that I would make THREE pizzas for the party. Uh, guess who forgot to inform me of this promise?

I talked to the Boy about it and he said that he had indeed promised that I would make pizzas, but he kinda forgot to remind me of this fact. All well and good, but hell, how was I supposed to make pizzas late last night? And even more vexing, how was that pizza supposed to get to school? Gee, I guess we didn't figure out that little problem, did we sonny boy?

I spoke to the advisor this morning and told him that I would make a couple of pizzas and bring them in, but there was no way I could get there at noon. He told me that the party started at 1 for the families, so I planned for 1.

This morning I got up early, made 2 batches of pizza dough, let it rise while the plumber was here installing my new garbage disposal (at long last!), and then made two pizzas. One was an artichoke and mushroom, the other was an extra cheese with pineapple. They were ready exactly on time, but were too hot to actually take off the stones, so I had to bring the stones with me, along with the pizza cutter. I had the plumber carry out one pizza, and I took the other one. As I drove up to the school I saw a friend of the Boy's wandering about outside and motioned him to help me carry a pizza. We hauled the pizzas halfway to hell, and eventually ended up at the party where.....

There was a whole turkey dinner complete with stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatos, carrots etc., these amazing buffalo chicken nachos, shrimp, some rice dishes, two different lasagnas, and a whole bunch of other entrees I didn't even look at. Like those pizzas were really needed.

In the two other party rooms were desserts. More desserts than you can imagine. There were at least 4 cheesecakes, tons of homemade cookies and brownies, 2 different carrot cakes, some kind of peach cake that looked great, a ladyfinger stuffed with cherries cake, several regular cakes with frosting, and at least 10 pies including pumpkin, apple, apple-raspberry, and a couple of other pies nobody even cut into.

Of course, I had to eat a small piece of both carrot cake and cheesecake. I can't eat cheesecake. I know I can't eat it, but it was sitting there calling to me. "Boy's mom... come and eat me. You know your heartburn won't be that bad!" So, evil cheesecake made me eat a slice. Man, do I regret it.

Schmoozing was pretty good. I talked to the Boy's Latin teacher who was gushing over him and really just couldn't say enough good things about him. His program director was very enthusiastic about him, too. All the teachers came to tell me what a great kid he was and how much they liked having him in class. Quite a turnaround from middle school! And so nice to hear. I met quite a few of his classmates, many of whom were adorable. I love teenagers. I finally feel like I'm in my element parenting teens.

All in all, a successful afternoon for a sucker mom, especially one with really bad heartburn!
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Blogger Belinda said...

You may overnight any unneeded pizzas directly to me. They sound delish!!

14/12/05 4:49 PM  
Blogger kontan said...

you get the mom award! can't say i will be so patient when nominated for dish delivery!

here via michele, have a holly jolly!

16/12/05 11:55 PM  

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