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Monday, December 19, 2005

Man I'm lubbing the internets today

You guys (gush gush gusy) are so wicked pissah. I lub you all. You're making my kids wishes come true and that's just the bestest thing I can imagine. Special thanks to our beloved Belinda, who has come up with the perfect gift for our family with my upcoming surgery and recovery. She hit the nail right on the head and we're the happiest clan on the planet right now. And more special thanks to Emily, who went so above and beyond the call of volunteerism and brought over a big bag full of secret wrapped packages we're all dying to open. Tomorrow, Nita is coming over with some things for the kids, too. My kids are all excited about Chanukah, we've got all the hanukiot out on the sideboard ready to light, I've hidden away a bunch of Hanukah gelt where they haven't yet found it (no easy feat in our family) and I've got 15 lbs of potatos ready to fry. Urp!

Thanks, and thanks again, everyone. It's going to be the best Chanukah in a really long time. Maybe ever. It's a Chanukah miracle!
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Blogger Belinda said...

So, you're going to tell us what was in surprise packages when you open them, right? I love Emily and Melissa, and Nita was one of my VERY first "MUST READS." She rocks.

19/12/05 6:10 PM  
Blogger emily said...

It's an internetukkah miracle indeed! I'm just happy my sporadic forays into the blogosphere could yield some real-world good karma. Can't wait to hear all about how the gifties go over in the light of your impressive menorah collection -- by the time the 8th night rolls around, your house will be so brightly lit you could probably spot it from space! Enjoy enjoy...you deserve a rockin' Chanukah! :)

20/12/05 2:52 PM  

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