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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Shower update

Well, things aren't looking up for the Boy. In our family therapy session, we focussed on his personal hygiene habits, complete with the faking a shower story. He hates to be the center of attention when it's going to mean a change in his behavior and he was pissed to the max at being told he wasn't going to be screwing around with showering anymore. Consequences were to remove his Xbox controllers, but even that didn't seem to get him to the point where he was going to agree to showering so I put the parental controls on the TV. That's really a mega huge consequence in our house because it means no movies, Xbox or TV. That pretty much takes up all of their available free time and makes them have to, gasp, talk to each other and find something to occupy their minds.

So today, the Boy's therapist was here and he had spoken at length to the family therapist and he started right in on the showering. The Boy ended up in tears, but I think he's agreed (at least in principle) to shower at 7:30 nightly. He's not happy about it, and he has persisted in saying that he wants to shower at 10 pm, which I won't agree to, but the consequences were upped again when the therapist said that his guitar lessons would be cut off if he didn't follow the agreement. That's serious business and I am so hoping that the kid finally gets that I mean it, that I've got support behind it, and that I'm not giving up on this, or giving in either.

Now the kids are playing a movie trivia card game and entertaining themselves just fine without the television. Actually they're nicer to each other without the television to fight.

The Girl went to one of those paint your own pottery after school today and evidentally made some exotic gift for me for Hanukah. She usually does an excellent job at this, and I've proudly displayed everything she's made, so I'm psyched to see what she came up with. She went with a friend who had never been before, and had so much fun.

She came home all excited because she's raised her math grade from a D to a B- since midterms. I'm so proud of her, and she's even more proud of herself because she just has to raise it up a little bit more to go into honors math in high school. Now that would be such an accomplishment for her. She's just wowing me with her commitment to good grades. What a kid!
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Blogger Belinda said...

Again, the kids...you've done so well.

7/12/05 12:47 AM  

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