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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Surgery draws near, kids start freaking out

I guess it's not surprising that my kids are getting more and more obnoxious by the minute. They've had a big holiday in the wings, they're out of school for a week, and I'm having my surgery on Wednesday morning. So it's within the realm of possibility that they might act out. However... I'm on my last nerve ending myself, and the constant bickering and the arguments over the stupidest things, plus throwing stuff at each other is so frigging over the top right now. I just can't take much more of it. I love these kids, but there are days when I want to return them to the hospital, or sell them into white slavery. I just want some peace and quiet and they are so loud. As in, I can't hear myself think.

Tonight I was talking on the phone to the person who is caring for them while I'm in the hospital. Every word out of my mouth was challanged by the Girl. She needs to know everything that I say, and she wants to get into the conversations herself. I'm mortified that she still behaves like this, but no matter how many times we sit and talk about it, she can't help herself, she just has to be in the know 24/7.

Tonight we played dreidel and they started getting mad at each other and the gelt started flying so I had to put the game away. Then we played Yatzhee for a while, but I bowed out after they started getting pissed at me for rolling two yatzhees in a row. Like it's planned???

Anyhow, I'm just 'sharing' how tired, annoyed, and frazzled I feel right now. The hospital is starting to look really welcome!
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Blogger utenzi said...

Hi Margalit! It's me visiting from Michele's again already. I thought I was going to Lisa's but there you were. Normally I'd give you a little more space between visits, especially with the strain of your children bickering and the upcoming surgery.

I hope the kids are able to adjust. It really sounds like they're trying to keep you from wanting to come home from the hospital.

In an unrelated note, my parents used to have several standard poodles though right now they've just got one minature. I love standards--they're so calm compared to the small poodles and such a smart breed.

27/12/05 4:18 PM  

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