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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Truth or Fiction?

Bolstered by the fun over at Old Old Lady of the Hills, I'm going to try out this little game with all you readers. Three of the following stories are true. One is false. Your job, knowing what you know about me, is to identify the false statement and leave a comment, telling why you think it's false. OK?

1. I visited the set of Petticoat Junction, met Bobby Jo, Billy Jo, Betty Jo and Uncle Joe and was astounded to discover that the train that rumbles through town is plastic.

2. I had a long torrid love affair with a French-Canadian Shamen who led vision quests through the Senora Desert.

3. I traveled from Lisbon Portugal to Kabul Afghanistan in a Volkswagon Beetle with 3 other friends, all of whom had Israeli stamps in their passports and had to skirt around certain countries that would not allow us to enter, making the trip almost 4 months long.

4. My cousin played on the US Olympic Hockey team that beat the Russians, shocked the world, and won the Gold Medal in 1980. as seen in the movie Miracle.

Hmmmm.... what could it be?
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Anonymous Deana said...

The lie is the french-canadian love affair. Hi again, visiting via Michele today.

13/12/05 10:39 AM  
Blogger Happy Mama to Three said...

I believe I remember a couple of these but I am going to guess number 1. The others seem to fit you better and one of these I know for sure.

That's my guess.


13/12/05 10:51 AM  
Anonymous Claire said...

Number 2 is my vote.

13/12/05 11:02 AM  

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