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Sunday, December 11, 2005

We're going to the dog show!

I love the doggies. Big doggies, little doggies, hairy doggies, flat coated doggies. Doesn't matter to me, I'm a huge fan of the canine. Many years ago, when I was a wee lass back in California I used to try to show my German Shorthaired Pointer, Fritzl Von Schpeckels. He was quite the dog, absolutely gorgeous and from excellent bloodlines, but he was just not show material. He wanted to play with all the other dogs and he got too excited to behave. A shame, because he was just gorgeous and as sweet as sugar when he wasn't around other dogs.

I'll report back when we return. For now, I'm just dancing the dog show jig! Weeeeeee...we're going to the dog show!
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Blogger Theo said...

is there any more captivating experience than watching those canine beings strut their stuff? i think not.

Here fomr Michele's

11/12/05 10:45 AM  
Anonymous Kat said...

I am so jealous!!! I want to go to the dog show!!!

11/12/05 10:49 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Whee!! I agree. Even after all these years, we get giddy just watching the all. Except the Pekingese. I personally adore the hound group.

What show is it? Maybe I know someone who was there.

11/12/05 3:53 PM  
Anonymous Last Girl On Earth said...

Wow! That REALLY sounds like fun. Hope it turns out to be a blast. Michele sent me. HAVE FUN!

11/12/05 7:24 PM  
Blogger Plumkrazzee said...

Never been to one, but would love to! Michele sent me!

11/12/05 7:28 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I envy you going to a 'live' dog show...I've never been, but I love watching it on TV..but that's NOT the same thing, is it? Will look forward to hearing ALL about it!

By the way, the LIE is revealed on my blog!

11/12/05 7:30 PM  
Blogger Chatty said...

Dogs rule. Plain and simple. :)

11/12/05 7:33 PM  
Anonymous eV said...

I love all things furry. Have a good time!


michele sent me.

11/12/05 7:58 PM  
Blogger Debby said...

I hope y'all enjoy the hell out of yourselves!! I love the dog shows and watch Westminster every single year, even go so far as tape it. I'm a nut for my doggie "children" myself.

11/12/05 9:07 PM  

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