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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

American Idol: Hit or Miss?

I've never been much of an American Idol fan. I don't like that kind of music as a rule, and I'd never choose to sit down and listen to an hour of it for fun. I completely missed the first season, watched the beginning of the second season, and have skipped all the rest. Tonight, however, the Boy turned it on for a bit while I was filling out one of the bazillion forms I have to fill out for the Girl to attend her school's 8th grade trip, and I have to admit, it caught my attention. Not in an interested way, but it literally made me cringe I felt so uncomfortable for those poor misfits trying out.

I have to wonder, do these people really think they have any talent, or are they just there to get their minute of fame? It appears that thousands and thousands turn out, and yet only a few get in to see the three judges. What happens to all the rest of those poor sods who believe their one minute away from fame and fortune?

I also have to ask, what is the deal with that Simon Cowell? I know from his reputation vis a vis the trades that his schtick is to be a bastard, but really... is it necessary to be so rude to his coworkers? Is he an adult? If so, why did he run away from his job in a snit? He does realize that this is going to be on TV nationwide, correct? Also, Paula Abdul. Tell me, does she think everyone is good? Does she have any possible taste? You wouldn't know it by the comments she makes.

I know the show is hugely popular with middle schoolers, but I wonder just what kind of influence it has on them. Frankly, if I were 12 and about to consider trying out for the school play, I'd think twice after watching AI. Not only do most of the people not get encouragement, but they get rude remarks about their appearance, their lack of talent, and lord knows what else. Is this the right kind of message we want to show our kids when they're at their lowest level of self-esteem and their most impressionable? I'm glad my kids haven't ever bought into the show. We've got enough bad influences as it is. We don't need another one.

I feel really sorry for the people that spend money to get to the interviews, just to be rebuffed so rudely. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think that the rudeness is necessary. It's not that hard to tell someone that they aren't what you're looking for in a polite manner. Maybe it doesn't make for good television, but then again, I think the show sucks no matter how the judges act. I guess I feel that to reinforce rudeness in an environment where rudeness abounds is kind of stupid. I'm no Pollyanna, for sure, but I'd like to believe that those of us raising children are at least trying to set a good example by being polite, even in trying circumstances. To me, this show gives me the same feeling I used to get as a kid watching the Road Runner. I never got that one either. Why is it funny for the coyote to get the road runner over and over and over again? And what kind of company is Acme that they make everything from anchors to pianos to anvils? Makes you wonder, huh? Meep meep.
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Blogger mar said...

I do not watch American Idol. Because I am in Spain (lol!). But then there is "Operacion Triunfo" in Spain and "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" in Germany, which we get through satellite. Same concept, similar participants. It is all the same....They are all treated in a cruel way, I must say. I wouldn't like my kid to participate in such a show. Here via Michele's!

27/1/06 4:22 PM  

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