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Monday, January 23, 2006

Better News Today

Runaway update: The Girl isn't home from school yet, but she called to tell me the news. J was in school today. He was staying in Somerville at a relative's house, but not one that the police looked into. I'm not sure just who he was staying with, or why the moron didn't call this kid's poor mother, but he did drive him to school today. J was completely astonished to find the police was looking for him, and the Girl said all the kids involved crowded around him and told him about how upset they were, how upset their parents were, and what a dolt he was for running away.

Remember when I said that he had called Friday afternoon and I rebuffed him? He told the Girl that he was calling to ask if he could come over, and to tell her what was going on. Man, do I feel like chopped shit on toast. He also said his cell phone was stolen on the T. He didn't call his mom or his friends the whole weekend, and he honestly had no clue that people cared enough about him to worry and search for him. Can you imagine that? This kid had no idea that people cared about him? It makes me so sad.

Hopefully this won't ever happen again. I think because the police were involved, he's going to have a CHINS filed for being a runaway, which means that the court will be involved in his life and he will have to appear in front of the judge fairly often to report on what's going on. I imagine that the judge will probably get DSS involved. I hope it will all sort itself out. I hate to think that a kid can just take off for days and cause such a rukus with no consequences.
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Blogger Sandy said...

I'm so glad he's been found! I was wondering how things were after reading your blog this weekend.

I am really shocked this relative didn't call though. Wow! When I was in High School a friend of mine called me from one of the major roads in town to say he had run away and needed a ride. I picked him up because I was so afraid of him hitchhiking or something. I bought him to my house and then nagged him until he called his mom.

He got a few hours away before she picked him up. Scary stuff though.

Michele sent me back to hear the rest of the story.

23/1/06 5:05 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me back once again, because you were there, after I had clicked...and I didn't want you to be skipped!
Interesting siruation with this bot! Poor kid...this is such a hard world now for young people...

23/1/06 5:28 PM  
Anonymous Sheryl said...

Well, if anything good can come out of this it's that now he knows people care, which could prevent even more tragic actions later.

23/1/06 7:52 PM  
Anonymous mar said...

Can't believe they didn't call his parents and that he himself didn't either! All is well that ends well, but you are right with your last sentence! I was worried and had to check up on this kid.

24/1/06 8:37 AM  

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