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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Excuse me while I recover from heart failure

The doorbell rang at 11:30 pm tonight. The Girl was in the kitchen washing up after a cake baking session. I was playing with the Worthless Pet to keep him away from her. When the doorbell rang, I couldn't believe it. It's dark and cold and nobody just drops by at 11:30 pm.

The Girl got the the door first. It was the police. One of her friends from school ran away and has been missing since Friday afternoon. The police were doing a house to house search of all his friends, thinking that he might be hiding from his mom. Of course, he's not here, but he did call on Friday afternoon when the Girl was babysitting. I told him she was grounded and would not be able to speak on the phone this weekend. Now I feel SO badly, so guilty. He might have been reaching out to her, and I just cut him off.

The police interviewed the Girl, and she gave them a few leads. It seems that this boy has an aunt in a bad part of the state, and he goes there to hang out. This is NOT a place you would want your suburban 14 year old boy to be alone. It's getting cold, and if he's hiding there, he's in a really terrible place with a lot of violence and gangs. We called a few of his other friends while the police were here, and nobody has heard from him or knows where he is.

The Girl said that he's run off before, but not for this long. I'm beside myself with worry. When the Girl ran away a couple of years back, I was absolutely apoplectic and I KNEW where she was. But to have a kid take off because they're angry is just so scary and so guilt inducing. The weird thing is, the mom just seemed to have called the police. I guess she wasn't that worried, but I would have been completely out of my mind with fear. Maybe it's different if a boy takes off, but I can't see why.

I just feel so terrible for this family and for the kids involved. They're all scared for their friend, and nobody knows what to do or how to make it better. Moms, hold your kids tight. They can do really stupid things sometimes. Surviving the teen years is just too fricking hard.
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Anonymous Chele In {dot} LA said...

ah so very scary..
yucky feelings.

22/1/06 12:19 AM  
Anonymous atpanda said...

Wow. Holy cow on that one. I can't imagine what it was like to open the door to the police at almost midnight! And that poor kid out there all alone. I hope they find him soon! Meanwhile, you love on that girl a bit extra this weekend. :-)
Michele sent me.

22/1/06 12:24 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

What a scary situation... I hope he turns up safe.

Michele sent me

22/1/06 12:26 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Aw. That is so sad. I'm realizing more and more how lucky I was to grow up in a boringly normal family.

22/1/06 2:58 AM  
Anonymous Seraphim said...

As a past runaway myself, I know that boy needs a lot of lovin' right now - lets hope he gets that help.

Loving your blog, I just keep coming back... I've added you to my blogroll too =)

22/1/06 4:33 AM  
Anonymous Nikki-ann said...

I hope they find him ok. Take care.

Here via Michele's this weekend :)

22/1/06 6:36 AM  
Blogger jennifer starfall said...

i'm sending good wishes in your direction. so scary. i hope he comes home safely.

23/1/06 11:56 AM  

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