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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Now I'm Seething

You know that post right below, the one about the Girl reading a challanging book that she chose herself and has already read 30 pages of? The one that I was so thrilled to see her read because it said that she was ready to take up a reading challange and try something new and different? Well, guess what? Her MORONIC special ed supervisor nixed the book, telling her it was too long, too hard, and not appropriate for her.

That fucking bastard is not supposed to even be supervising her English, he's supposed to be supervising her math only. Her English teacher didn't tell her she couldn't read it, her fucking asshat sped teacher did. This is not the first time I've completely disagreed with him but I'm bullshit about this. What he is telling her is that she is too stupid to read this book. Instead of praising her for choosing something challanging, he deflated her and told her to find another, easier book. So she's back to the pink books, and feeling pretty upset about it.

She tried to put a good spin on it, and of course she ordered me NOT to call or write to the teacher (which I'm going to do, just because I'm so furious), and she said that she'll read it for another book project that the moron isn't going to supervise. But that book project is supposed to be a book about American History, not Chinese History, so they won't let her read it for that one.

I just do not get why this asshat keeps meddling in her work when she's perfectly capable of making decent decisions on her own. Man....I just want to homeschool so badly, but having been there already with the Girl, I know it's not the right thing for her. She loves school, despite the stupidity of some of the teachers, and she's too social to be home all day long.

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Anonymous MIM said...

I thought a part of learning was to stretch yourself, see what you can do, and if you fail, that's okay. Sounds like this moron just wants to make sure she gets the assignment done. There's so much more to learning than just turning in assignments. That's why he's a crappy teacher. I'd call him for sure. Fucker.

5/1/06 4:49 PM  
Blogger Ayelet said...

Ooooh, that just makes me so mad. Idiot.

15/1/06 1:18 AM  

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