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Monday, January 16, 2006

A Shocking Realization

All day long I've been sort of humming and smiling and being happy because, after an unbelievably long week of being sick at home with two other rather whiney, grumpy beings who are also sick, tomorrow is a school day. At last, at blessed long last they are going to school. To school, that place where kids are kings and queens and where they learn and play and do all those school-ish things like gym and art and latin. Man, I just love school. School. What a fabulous word. Conjures up all these images of apples and rulers and pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the wall, doesn't it? Ah, all is right with the world when the kids are in school and mom's home baking cookies and reading novels.

Then I looked at the calendar. Gray skies and rain clouds gathered in my head. Oh shit, you know what next month is bringing? Another week of 'vacation'. Already! Didn't we just have a week of vacation? Why on earth do we have to endure yet another week of squabbling, whining, and taxi service? You want to know why? Because February vacation started back when we had the original oil crisis in the early 70's. When heat was 'so expensive' the powers that be determined it was cheaper to close schools for a week during the coldest week of the year than to use heating oil. OK, I'll go with that. But now oil is about 10 times the price it was back then, so why not just close the schools altogether?

I'll get over it. I'll recover my senses and be happy by the time February rolls around. Hopefully we'll have enough snow to have a couple of sledding parties. Maybe the people the Girl babysits for will want her during vacation so she can make some money and stop helping herself to my wallet. That would be nice.
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Blogger Juggling Mother said...

Damn, in the 70's all our schools just turned the heating off & we wore coats in the classroom. Why didn't our government think of closing the schools? Bastards:-)

We have a week off in Feb too, but that's been around for a good few hundred years, so I guess it has nothing to do with oil:-) Plus January is our coldest month. Nearly over now.

17/1/06 5:04 PM  
Blogger valbee said...

*Gasp* I feel cheated, somehow. I never knew this was taking place anywhere! We didn't get this when I was in school during the 70s! I want my February vacation!!!!!

One question, though. Do your kids still get a spring break?

17/1/06 8:42 PM  
Blogger kontan said...

you get a week in feb??? we have to wait until mid march...but i did look and we get a few more days in april...well, kids do. teachers dont.

sorry :-) but can't say i'm not glad to turn the squabbling and whining back over to the parents

17/1/06 11:21 PM  

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