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Sunday, February 12, 2006

17 Fricking Inches of Snow

And the damn superintendent of our school system has not called off school. As usually, every town and city around us is cancelled, but nope, we have school tomorrow. Never mind that our huge long driveway hasn't yet been plowed. Never mind that the sidewalks for walkers like my daughter aren't shoveled, making only the street available for walking, and never mind that the busses are notoriously unreliable and unsafe in the snow, we have school. This superintendent never seems to learn. Last time we had a blizzard he didn't call school and there were bus accidents galore. This time, my kids are going to stay home until the sidewalks are plowed and the streets are safe. My kids lives are more important than this jackass getting one more 'snow day avoidance' notch on his belt.

We'll be sledding down the hill tomorrow and maybe trying to shovel out the back walkway and stairs. As of right now we're completely snowed in and it's still snowing a bit. I'm not complaining about the snow, because we've had a fabulous winter of warm sunny weather, but geesh... call off school and keep the kids safe.
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Blogger Andria said...

Wow! You should consider moving here to Alabama. They close down the schools on the threat of (I kid you not) "trace" amounts of snow.
On Saturday night it started snowing briefly while I was eating out at a restaurant and I swear I'm not making this up, over half the restaurant and almost all of the service staff went outside to watch it!
I think we'd all just die if we ever actually got any that stuck! 17 inches sounds barbaric!
Btw, love your blog... great stuff! Stay warm!

13/2/06 9:14 AM  
Anonymous Carrie said...

Good call on not sending them to school. School has even been called down here even though the streets are already cleared. It's so not worth it to send the kids out when the roads are dangerous.

And I wanted to say you rock! I saw one of your comments on one of those nasty, nasty, nasty blogs when I clicked around from Julie's blog and wanted to clap my hands from what you said. I didn't respond there b/c those nasty blogs make my skin crawl.

13/2/06 12:27 PM  
Blogger Queen of Spain said...

That is such a pretty photo. Easy for me to say, though...it's 80 here

13/2/06 3:36 PM  

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