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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anonymous, let's chat

You know who you are, Lower Falls person. The one with the AOL webmail address using Comcast on a Mac. If you want me to take any of your comments seriously, I suggest you learn how to spell, punctuate, and use proper grammar. Because I don't even bother to read crap from illiterate morons that think they know what they're talking about, but actually haven't a clue. Thanks for all your 'advice' about your school. Unfortunately for you, I have a child that attends that school too, and every single word you said about it was not only an absolute lie, but it has been my experience that it is the exact opposite of what you've claimed. I've had nothing but EXCELLENT relationships with the teachers and the school. So sorry, but with your pathetic excuse for writing, along with your claims about the teachers my daugter has, I think you should be regarded for the idiot you appear to be. Tell your mommy I say "Hi" and if she continues to threaten the kids, the next step is a formal action, and I won't be the only parent involved. Oh, by the way, your comments are going nowhere but in the trash. Sorry, but it's MY blog and I control what goes on it and what doesn't. You don't like it, write your own blog. I'm sure that the myspace folks would think you're the coolest thing since rotten cheese.


(Oh, and sending the same post 5 times from two different usernames doesn't work either. Kerplunk!)
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