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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How I prepared for The Meeting

The Meeting at the Girls school is on Tuesday morning. This is how I've prepared for any hint of confrontation:
  1. Collected all pertinent tests and papers, neatly filed in expanding file folder.
  2. Assembled several of the top style guides for editors, including Strunk and White, Chicago Manual, etc.
  3. Gone through all math tests noting when SpEd teacher gave Girl the incorrect answer that she subsequently got marked wrong. (I did mention he gives her the answers on her math test, right?)
  4. Edited the last couple of English papers for subjective comments and unfair grading.
  5. Called our attorney and put her on attention that this meeting was occurring.
  6. Bought large water bottle as they never offer you a thing to drink, the cretins.
  7. Bought box of Altoids so as not to offend.
  8. Set alarm for extra early so I can shower, dry, and flatiron my hair and look fluffy clean.
  9. Set out decent outfit.
  10. Practiced snarling. (just kidding!)
  11. Printed out all email between teachers and myself that I will use as last minute ammunition.
  12. Collected statements from the Girl's friends who have heard with their very own ears her claims that the Girl does NOT have an IEP.
  13. Said numerous prayers that I don't reach across the table and throttle anyone (again, J/K).
  14. Sharpened my claws on cat's scratching post.
  15. Bought myself flowers to cheer me up.

Will post updates as they become available.
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