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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I finally broke down

We had a gift card for Toys R Us, and we also had a Cranium game that we had to return as we already had one, so today the Boy and I headed out to Toys R Us (evil empire store that it is) to buy something I've been promising the Girl we'd get for at least a couple of years, since the Boy bought his Xbox. She's babysitting right now, but when she gets home she's going to be so fricking excited she's going to freak.

You see, we are now the proud owners of Dance Dance Revolution complete with hard mat. It's fabulous exercise for the Girl, and for the Boy, it's a way to get him tired out when his meds wear off. It should be a win-win situation if only I can stand the music. I will learn to love it, I promise!

I think the next Xbox game we get is Karioke Revolution. It will drive the kids crazy, but I love to sing and I think I'd like to have an outlet to let off some much earned stress.

I'll post pics later, once the Girl gets home and trys it out. The most fun of getting the kids something they've really wanted for so long is seeing how incredulous they are that it's actually in our house. I figure that this will give me 'good mommy' points for a while, and I need them, especially since it's school vacation week.
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