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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thoughts whizzing by

Can't be a "mommyblogger" without commenting on the latest celeb parenting gaffs, I suppose. So here's Britney in her glory practicing the "world's stupidiest Mommy" moves. Earlier in the week hubby Kevin Federline took poor baby Sean to get his ears pierced, because after all, what 4 month old baby boy doesn't need to look just like Mr Clean? But Britney, much to her credit, raced after Kevin and got the baby out of evil daddy's clutches and took him home unscathed. And now this, only days later? Lordy, what on earth is CPS thinking letting these two sad people parent? According to rumors, Britney is knocked up with baby number two. Is that scary or what? I must admit, I had a good laugh over Britney's obviously professionally written explanation for driving down PCH with baby Sean in her lap. Can you imagine that uneducated twit saying things like "I instinctively took measures" and "a horrifying, frightful encounter". I think not. I hope her PR person is being paid handsomely. Please do note that Britney wasn't wearing her seat belt either. Oy Vey!

How the other half lives

Last night I took the kids and the Boys friend H to what was billed as a "Teen Summer Program Fair" at the high school. I think this event was misnamed. A better name for it would have been "What the Really Richy-Rich Teens Do in the Summer" fair. It was unreal. I know that there are programs for kids to go scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef or touring western Europe, but I had no clue of how many of these programs existed, nor how expensive they were. One program that caught the Boy's eye was a weekend program in Music Technology that cost $1075 without room and board. A weekend! The boy was also interested in a program that toured Italy doing community service work. I'd be happy for him to do it if anyone could fork over around $5K for 32 days. And that wasn't even the most expensive of the European tours. There was one group out of Long Island that had trips in the $9K range because (turn on serious New Yawk accent here) "We don't have our kids stay in hostels or anything for safety reasons. We stay in plush hotels and at resorts." Well, lah de dah!

The Girl could have found enough programs to keep her occupied for a couple of years full time. She's dying to try a sailing adventure off Fiji that would not only certify her as a sailor, but also as a scuba diver. Big plans, this kid has. She absolutely loved the fair, which was a bit sad because she's already got most of her summer mapped out. We actually went for the Boy, and naturally he hated pretty much everything. That kid is such a glass half empty kinda guy. We'll find something for him to do, even if it's just going to guitar jam camp (yes, there are such beasts). He's not hanging around home all day playing X-Box. It's not going to happen.


What can I say about a free service? Um, you get what you pay for? Yup, that's about it. Because it's down quite a bit lately. Over the last week it's been down just enough to make me have mega temper tantrums. Extremely annoying. But then again. It's free. Wordpress, anyone?


My hearty congrats go to Belinda at NinjaPoodles for placing in the BOB Best New Blog, WebKittyn for Best Blog Whore, Sheryl and Grace in the Best Mommy Blog, and everyone else in the running in all categories. Great job people, and it's especially nice to be noticed as the best of the little guys.

Pathetic Music Awards

Who the hell cares about the Grammy Awards anymore? I mean, the show features more has beens than anyone you actually care about, the winners are almost always sickeningly mainstream beige musicians, and who really wants to run out and pay $12 for a CD of bland safe boring music anyhow. Not this girl. Blech!

Mom's Camp, anyone?

I found the coolest camp experience for adults. Not only do they offer classes in pretty much everything I'd love to learn about, or already love to do, from glassblowing to raku to welding to jewelery making to glass fusion, it's inexpensive (relatively), it's close by, and it's on a 50-acre farm. My friend and I have already planned to attend one weekend. She's talking about doing felting to make hats for her newly bald chemo head, or maybe a class in making gold chains. I'm thinking of making glass beads. We're not spa people. We like to DO stuff. This sounds like heaven to me. Anyone else want to plan a weekend with us?
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Anonymous Carrie said...

I've always wanted to take a glass blowing class! I can't do anything like that for at least another year I think.

8/2/06 10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon your children will be old enough for the Birthright Israel trips, the free -- yes, FREE -- trips to Israel for teens and young adults who haven't ever been to Israel on a peer-group program. Wish I weren't over the age limit and physically
were able to go.

I'd love to go with you to Snow Farm but there's cost and, again, the physical ability to attend.

8/2/06 11:47 AM  
Blogger gordaboo said...

Hey your boy and mine sound alike. How old is yours? and if you find something for him to do in the summer....let me know. Mine stays home and plays Playstation2 or XBox all day in the summer while mommy is at work. I said the same thing...not gonna happen this year. He's going to accomplish something! I just don't know what.

8/2/06 4:14 PM  

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