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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

50 minutes promised, 100 minutes delivered

Tonight was the orientation meeting for parents of incoming freshman at our high school. Yawn. I needed to go because it's important for me to be seen as an involved and supportive parent for obvious reasons. Plus, I like the high school and plan to be much more involved, as they're open to parents being a part of the time, as opposed to the middle schools that can't wait to escort parents out the door and lock it behind them. In fact, that was even mentioned tonight at the meeting, much to my amusement. The meeting was supposed to be 50 minutes in length for the presentations, and then we were supposed to go talk to the department heads if we had questions. After 1.5 hours, my butt was numb from sitting on the bleachers (man, those things are HARD) and when they introduced the video presentation made for the accreditation committee, I hightailed it outta there. Any questions I have can be answered in email or by phone. Lost was on. I had other things on my mind!

After listening to all of the department head present the offerings for incoming freshman, I am more confused than I have ever been in my life. Talk about making things so complicated that actually aren't that hard to understand. Hep me Jebus, I swear the head of the Art department went on and on and on for at least 20 minutes on the importance of starting art and/or music as a freshman. I'm a big supporter of art and music. My kids are involved in both curriculums and they're both planning to take classes in art next year. But the truth is, art isn't the end all and be off of high school, but you wouldn't know it by that guy. I liked how earnest he was, and how he emphasized the many offerings in each department, but he sounded desperate to get kids enrolled so the classes won't be cancelled due to budget cuts. It was kind of depressing.

The SPED head saw me and came over to remind me that it's IEP season coming up, so we'll be planning for both kid's IEPs to be updated. Yahoo, nothing I love better than sitting in those meetings listening to empty promises. OK, I need to ammend that. The high school has totally stuck to the Boy's IEP. I'm hoping that the Girl will have the same experience unlike at the middle school where they nod and agree with everything you ask for, and then totally disregard it as useless pap. I also saw the Girl's attorney and had a word with her about the issues with the IEP, so she's aware of the problems we're currently experiencing with you know who.

Hardly any of the parents looked familiar. But for once I wasn't the oldest parent by a long shot. Phew. That made me feel much better about getting involved. Most of the parents were close to my age group, and I'm hoping that by being involved in the PTSO, I might meet some like minds. I'd really like to think that there are other parents in similar situations with the school system.

The kids have already filled out their class requests for next year, so now we just have to wait and see if they get the classes they requested. I'm excited for the Girl to have so many more options, but I'm trying so hard to convince one of them to take woodshop, as they make wonderful furniture in the advanced classes. Those bums, they have no interest whatsoever in woodshop. I feel rooked!
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