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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Call me Ms Pele

In order to get the Boy to convince the Girl to go outside and play soccer with him, there were many minutes of negotiations. He promised to do the dishes for her. She wouldn't agree. She wanted more. Finally they came to an agreement that both of them liked. She would go out and play with him only if I would go out and play, too. Ummmm.

I'm not supposed to be playing soccer. Even with my defribrillator, I'm supposed to do minor exercise like walking. No running or heavy duty playing. But heck, the kids wanted me to play, it would solve a myriad of problems and the Boy would end up taking over the Girls most hated chore, the darn dishes. So on with the hats, coats and mittens and off I went. It's been years since I played soccer and I've never been any good, but yesterday it was so cold out that in order to stay alive I had to move. We just formed a triangle and passed the ball back and forth. At first the play was slow and polite to accomodate me, but as I warmed up and began to move more, we got further and further apart, and the ball started flying.

It was fun. Cold, way way cold, but fun. It's been so long since I've dared to play physically with them because of my heart. But now I know that I can do moderate exercise with them, and not drop dead because of my defibrillator. I'm noting when it does go off, but I haven't had a big 'event', just minor adjustments. It feels so weird. I feel this sort of tickling humming buzzing thing where the device is implanted. It surprises me when it goes off. However, I'm starting to feel safer with it implanted. I feel like I can stretch my wings and try more stuff that I haven't been able to do for so long. It's a great feeling. It's nice to get out and about and not worry about passing out. I'm starting to like this new me.
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Anonymous Stephanie Davies said...

LMAO!! I feel the same exact way about anonymous people. Having wordpress I don't think I can turn that off on mine, but I have a troll who has been bothering my blog for days now and they don't have the balls to leave their real URL. Stupid people *sigh*

Anyway, here from Michele's tonight!! And even leaving my real name and URL!

3/3/06 7:05 PM  

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