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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Holy Shite, Batman!

Literally. On Monday night we had a plumbing disaster. It was extremely unpleasant, as plumbing disasters are wont to be. I cleaned up the best I could, and then Mary cleaned it again the next morning. But.... and oh, this is gross.....

Some of the overspillage seems to have gotten under the floor. A brand new floor, less than a year old. It's buckling and now has two large lumps under it. I think it has to be pulled up and replaced. But that means the subflooring is probably soaked as well. A small plumbing overflow causes mucho damage. Holy Shite, indeed.

Because, if the floor has to be replaced, than the vanity probably does as well. And the brand new bathroom just redone before we moved in? Gutted.

Shoot me now, please.

I have bad bathroom karma, evidentally. Our guest bathroom in California also had leakage problems, and (I am NOT making this up) the mold was so bad that mushrooms started growing around the base of the toilet. That would be the joys of building a house with no basement. Of course that meant pulling up the flooring and subflooring, re-doing the bathroom from the joists up, and hoping for the best. It was an interesting experience watching flora grow around the toilet base. Especially when you're allergic to mold. Not the best experience.

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Blogger Robin said...

I know you aren't making it up because when I lived in California, we bought a pretty big "fixer upper" where the sink on the kitchen island had been leaking for many years and there were mushrooms growing up out of the back of the island onto the living room carpetting...BLAH!! I've seen mold, but nothing that bad! (but to buy a 1500 sq foot house in San Diego for under a 150K...VERY worth it!)

24/3/06 8:52 AM  
Blogger Hillary said...

eeew. Wow, that's awful. All that work and then you jsut have to redo it again.

But hey, at least you don't have MUSHROOMS growing around your toilet. Yikes.

Will insurance cover it?

27/3/06 9:00 AM  

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