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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm weary of bitchy blogging

I blog for some very good reasons. I communicate better in writing than I do with the spoken word. I need an outlet to vent my anger and frustration that doesn't hurt the people I love. I use the blog to try and make sense of my world, and the world at large. I blog to keep in touch with friends, to update people on what's going on with us, and to discuss issues about me, my health, my family, and my friends. I blog to take about silliness around me, like celebrity nonsense. I blog because I sometimes need to reach out.

I do not blog to receive anonymous comments from anyone. As of right now, I will no longer take ANY anonymous comments from anyone, even people I know. If you send me comments anonymously, they will be deleted unread. If you don't have the balls to say what you want with your name on it, then don't bother writing because it will be automatically bounced right into the trash. If I continue to get nasty comments from the Highlands, I will turn off all comments completely. If the person that thinks it's amusing to comment on my posts anonymously, you honestly aren't anonymous at all. You're transparently obvious. Every time you comment, I have more ammunition to use. I'm sure you don't need harassment on top of your list of transgressions, do you?

I apologized to all my other hundreds of readers who have to be exposed to this nonsense. It's unfair and rude and I'm sorry that one or two sleazy people are affecting the tenor of my blog. I don't want to have to take steps to block IEPs, but I will. Blogs are public, and in this arena I'm the boss. I get to say what direction my blog heads, I get to change my mind when I want, I get to present what I want, and I get to omit what I want. It's apparent that a few of the people involved with the mec.edu domain don't understand about blogging. That's not my problem. My blog is about me and my family, and it is not about you. If you want to blog, go ahead. It's free and it's fun. But don't make any more threats about my family or things are going to happen that will be extremely embarassing to you. Let's recall that harassment online is considered stalking, and that your iep address is readily available to me as well as the authorities. I'm positive that Tom Mountain would LOVE to write a column about how certain people spend their professional time. That would be such a shame if he got wind of all this, wouldn't it?

I'm not threatening that anything untoward will happen. I'm saying, quit it now. I'm done with it, and so should you be. Every word you say to me gets logged. It has a date stamp, a location, an iep address, an operating system, and some other information. You aren't really anonymous. So I am saying this clearly. Stop harassing me now. From this time forward (and the time would be 5:48 pm est on March 2, 2006) any further communication from an anonymous source with a local domain will be considered harassment and will be forwarded to the authorities. Have I made myself perfectly clear?

Note, comments have been turned off all relevant posts and will remain so. I will continue to post what I want, when I want, without any identifying information about myself, my family, our school names, or teacher's names. And that's the way it goes!
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