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Friday, March 24, 2006

It's pretty grim in blogland

This has been an interesting week in blogland. Or at least the blogland that I read on a regular basis. Of course, there's the debacle Mim started with her post about false advertising in marriage. I can't even begin to comment on it because I found it to be one of the more inane ranting I've ever read. But the shit did fly, and it found itself homes here, here, here and lord only know where else. Actually, Tertia at So Close has a decent list of some of the blogs that have commented on the original post. So, OK... we now know that being fat is bad and too many women buy into the whole 'I have to please my man, no matter what" viewpoint. I'm just not there.

Additionally, there have been surgeries, and illness, and some breakdowns, plenty of tantrums, and lots of other blogland traumas. Perhaps this is the reason, but I actually thing astrology is a crock, so I'm not buying into this one. But you can, if you need an excuse for why things are so intense. However, I'm worried about some bloggers with health issues, and want to give a shoutout to anyone that is feeling poorly.

So of course, because Mercury is in retrograde, this means things at Chez Double Trouble are also a 10 on the intense scale. That vague problem I've been blogging about blew up today, as I knew it would. Lots and lots of stuff going on, but the upshot is, it is quite possible that our family dynamic is going to change drastically in the next couple of weeks. Yes, this is a good thing, and no, nobody is pregnant. There are an amazingly huge amount of things to deal with in order for this to occur, and I'm trying my best not to get overwhelmed by it all. It comes out of some seriously bad shit, and I'm terribly sorry for the trouble that is making for a lot of tears, but this is absolutely for the best. Can't get into it more than this, because it involves a lot of privacy issues that aren't mine to disclose. But for the reader that does know, we're praying that it works out the way we all want it to. And I know you know that.

There is a distinct bad odor eminating from some place in the kitchen but I can't find it. I have a bad feeling about this. As in, dead mouse bad. Please pray for us.

In case you didn't know, I STILL hate basketball and have no interest in March Madness and wish it would go away. It is way way overblown. It's enough. Give me baseball.

Tomorrow I am doubling up on the pee pills and will be in the bathroom all day, in case you're trying to find me. Lasix drives me nuts, but if I don't take it, my feet blow up and it's uncomfortable. Another indignity of getting old.
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Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I'll be honest with you Margalit..I do believe in Mercury Retrograde! Absolutely and without question...I just wish I could remember that each time it comes around cause if I would remember, I wouldn't go anywhere, or talk to anyone, or EVER make any important decisions...they say, (whoever THEY are) that when there is a Mercury Retrograde don't even bother to get out of bed till it's over. Damn! Now, why didn't I remember that? You'll see, dear Margalit...after the 24th..(Oh it might take a few more days...Mercury Retrograde is deeply TENACIOUS)...But you'll see, ALL the things that seem very very unsolveable right now? Well, they will calm down and things will settle down and will work out as they should. Mark my words. Well, I'm going back to my bed, now. Better late than never I always say! (lol)

24/3/06 1:12 AM  
Anonymous Last Girl On Earth said...

Nothing worse than having to spend more time in then bathroom than you should. Been a while since I've visited. I've been busy with life issues myself. Hope you are doing OK other than the Lasix! Thanks to Michele for reminding me to visit you!

24/3/06 1:45 AM  
Blogger rob said...

You ain't alone in the Merc. Retrograde = horse shit philosophy. However, my boy here swears by it.

Whatever, says I. Whatever.

25/3/06 4:09 PM  
Anonymous surcie said...

Amen on the fat thing, sister.

25/3/06 8:39 PM  

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