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Friday, March 10, 2006

Looky-Loo, kids

See that new button right up top on the left? The one that's blinking annoyingly? It's telling you about the latest news here at What was I THINKING? There's a new online store in town and it's selling my stuff. My absolutely fabulous stuff designed by none other than Secret Agent Josephine herself. Can you believe I could be so lucky? She actually took time out of her very busy laundry schedule for Baby Bug to help me design a (hint hint) fund raising bunch of stuff to help me get to BlogHer 06 in July. I've got the most fabulous items for sale. Clothing for moms, dads, kids, toddlers and bambinis. Laptop bags, tote bags, aprons, and even a mug. Go check it out here. Don't forget to pull out your credit card before you visit. Feel the love, people, feel the love.
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Blogger Eden said...

Maybe it's me but I don't see the button. I'm glad the link was in the post though :)

10/3/06 12:04 PM  
Blogger Lazy Daisy said...

Here from Michele. Cute items, best of luch.

10/3/06 3:35 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Good luck with fund raising.

Popping in via Michele's tonight but hop over on my own often enough.

10/3/06 8:07 PM  
Blogger Chatty said...

Saucy! LOL

Michele sent me.

10/3/06 8:19 PM  
Blogger Viamarie said...

Lovely designs. Here via Michele's.

10/3/06 8:36 PM  
Blogger The Gnat's Trumpet said...

Good luck with the store. Michele sent me.

10/3/06 9:05 PM  
Anonymous surcie said...

Extremely clever design! I hope you get to go. It sounds terrific.

10/3/06 9:12 PM  
Anonymous Kat said...

Oh my God, this stuff is the cutest!!! I am brokitty broke broke right now (ask my mom who I had to grovel to earlier today) but I will purchase as soon as I can. Best of luck in getting to BlogHer!!!

10/3/06 10:01 PM  
Blogger scrappintwinmom said...

I'm jealous, would love to go to BlogHer...If I weren't an out of work slug, I'd definitely help you out - here via Michele today!

11/3/06 12:31 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Here via Michele.

11/3/06 12:33 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Awesome stuff! I love the dominatrix logo -- and hey, blogging and flogging seem to have a lot in common some days. ;-)

Good luck getting to BlogHer, I hope you make it so we can meet in person!

11/3/06 2:05 PM  
Blogger ribbiticus said...

wow! didn't realize you had so many items! they look really great! am certain you'll sell them off like hotcakes! :)

11/3/06 3:55 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

What a GREAT pic for the top of your template! Just beautiful. Good luck getting to BlogHer!

Hi from Michele's.

11/3/06 3:58 PM  
Blogger sage said...

well, I held on to my credit card. Insteresting logo, but on baby clothes? here from Michele's.

11/3/06 4:23 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here Via Michele today...
Good luck on the BlogHer thingy...Hope you can get there, my dear...

11/3/06 4:36 PM  
Blogger jennypenny said...

Ooh fun. Good luck on selling your wares. I hope you make it to the conference! Sounds like it is going to be alot of fun. Here from Micheles today to meet and greet!

11/3/06 4:50 PM  
Blogger The Torch Singer said...

michele sent me...


11/3/06 4:56 PM  
Blogger mar said...

Oh, go to BlogHer, I hope you can make it. You are the only one I "know" who would be going. Sorry I won't be buying anything because I am in Spain but I wish you luck. And many visitors buying things! Michele sent me again your way tonight!

12/3/06 2:41 PM  

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