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Monday, March 20, 2006


My owie is now a WOWIE. It hurts like hell. I took the muscle relaxants last night and couldn't wake up this morning. Maybe that was a bit extreme. But this thing is really bothering me and I have to do something because it hurts to type.

Some kids seem to be confused about where they live. My kid no longer comes home after school, but goes over to her friend's house, where I guess she is welcome anytime. In exchange, her friend comes to our house and stays all evening until I toss her out at bedtime. I'm confused. How come nobody stays at home anymore?

We played the most hilarious game of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD edition tonight. If you haven't played it yet, it's a lot of fun and the DVD hints are so.... odd. Some are so easy it's ridiculous and others are like "who in the hell would evah know that?"

The downstairs toilet overflowed tonight all over me and the bathroom floor. It was tres disgusting and took me forever to mop it up. I learned that we desperately need a new mop. Who would know these things? The Boy helped me with the last part of the cleanup while the guilty party hid upstairs in her room.

Nothing says middle school like a sobbing girl on the phone, begging to talk to your child. Even better when her mother calls because the sobbing girl is pitching such a fit that she cannot call herself. Can you say DRAMA?

I read Carl Reiner's new book NNNNN today. It wasn't at the top of my 'must recommend' books. But I finished it because I must finish books or else the authors will come and yell at me.

I made chicken soup tonight for dinner and The Boy ate nine (9) bowls of it. Please tell me he has a hollow leg because otherwise, I have no clue as to where he puts this food.

The Girl refused to eat because she wanted to watch the season premier of Prison Break, and then she snuck 2 pieces of cornbread upstairs to my room, which is VERBOTEN. I told her to bring it downstairs and she refused. I grounded her and then she cried to her friend, who was STILL HERE, about how she didn't think she should have been grounded since she didn't really bring the food upstairs. Yeah, it disappeared into thin air someplace between the kitchen and my bedroom. After she yelled down that she was sitting on the floor eating it. Not her most shining moment, by any means.

The girl wrote a very good paper on Fallen Leaves, the memoir she's been reading for the past three months. She showed it to an English teacher from another team today, who went over it with a fine tooth comb, helped her correct any errors, and told her it was definately an A- paper. How much you want to bet she gets a C- from the teacher that knows no other grade? I'm putting money on it.

Another 24-hour market in our 'hood was robbed today. The one at the end of the street was robbed a week ago, this robbery is about 1/4 mile away. This is the 5th robbery in town by what appears to be the same guy, but the police are too busy downing their Dunkin Donuts and directing traffic outside Whole Foods to bother with armed robbery. It's so inconvenient to actually have to catch criminals, you know. We live in the safest city in America, according to some magazine rating, but we're in danger if we set foot into a Store-24 to pick up some cheap milk.

All in all, a tip top day!
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Anonymous MetroDad said...

Sorry for your pain, Margalit! Sounds awful! Tell the kids that they need to bring mom some dinner in bed for the next few nights...or they're grounded! Feel better!

21/3/06 12:22 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

I'm sorry about the WOWIE, but according to Stephen King's latest, which I just wrote about at my place, Boston=not such a great place to be when the end of the world arrives by way of "The Pulse."

I kept wanting to call you and ask you stupid never-been-to-Boston questions, such as "The 'T'; is that a subway?"

21/3/06 1:10 AM  
Anonymous Chloe said...

sounds like you've got a pinched nerve. Get yourself to a good chiropractor ASAP. (bonus: the chiro won't bug you about taking that video tour of your colon)

21/3/06 1:35 PM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

21/3/06 7:38 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wow! Such a safe city that 1/4 mile from you a store is robbed??? HELP! Hope they catch this serial robber, my dear.

22/3/06 12:32 AM  

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