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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The times, they are a'changing

Today both kids came home from school with the high school program of studies book. Yup, it's time to choose courses for next year. The Girl walked into the house in tears. She was so upset because her brilliant Math Teacher from hell had passed out the recommended schedules for all the kids, and had told her that she was placed in all the classes for kids that weren't smart and had a hard time learning. The Girl felt so down and disgusted with herself. I told her that the Math Teacher was not in any way the final arbitrator of what classes she was in, that it was up to me to determine her schedule, and that I was in no way putting her in the lower level classes because she doesn't belong there. Well, guess what? The bitch bully Math Teacher from hell lied to her. When we went through the program of studies, it turns out that she was in all curriculum 1 classes, which are all college prep courses. This cunt of a Teacher did this to just to be mean. I swear it, this is the most abusive teacher I've ever heard of. She's positively toxic.

Can you imagine tearing down a kid by telling her she's not smart enough to be in any of the college prep classes, and know that you're actually LYING about it? Can you imagine anyone being that cruel and still being allowed to teach? I just do not get what this woman's problem is, but it's apparent that there is a streak of utter meanness that runs so deep within her that she should not be allowed in a classroom setting. This is where tenure falls apart for me. That this woman is allowed to continue goading children and tearing down their self esteem just because she can? There is nothing to threaten her job because she's got a union behind her. We have to prove that she's abusive in order to get her removed from the classroom. Although I've spoken to enough parents to know it's not just me that thinks she needs to pack up her personal effects and take a LONG vacation, perhaps in an institution, we have to gather evidence that the school committee would actually listen to. I'm still thinking about how to do that.

The sad thing is, I just want her to stop being mean to my kid. I want her to stop threatening the kids and start teaching. It's not too much to ask, but evidentally she just doesn't get it. Now, we're at a point where she has become so abusive that I can't see tolerating it any more. Instead of trying to work out this situation amicably, she raises and re-raises the stakes. I'm so disgusted with the whole affair. I can't wait until the Girl is away from this bitch forever.

The classes have been picked, the Boy is leaning towards music for his main area of interest, while the Girl is working on art classes. They both are taking Latin, and college prep english, math, science, and history. I'm pleased with their choices, but I gotta say, it is SO WEIRD having two kids in high school.

They're going to college and they're going to leave me all alone with the worthless pet. Oh no......
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