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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

True Confession: I AM a girly-girl

Worthless Pet finally did something worthwhile, at least from his point of view. Sometime between 3 am and 8 am this morning, he caught and killed a mousie. It's not the first mousie he's killed, but it is the first one at this house. I had no clue we even had mice, but then again, we live on acres of land with woods and grass and a barn, so what did I expect? We have coyotes and bunnies, why wouldn't we have mice?

Looks innocent hugging his catnip on the telltale rug, doesn't he?

Mary, my Home Health Care worker came this morning and found the mouse. Eeeeeeek! She took the hall prayer rug and covered the mouse. Very helpful, eh? Then she told me about it, and being the big brave woman that I am, I decided to wait for the Boy to come home from school and remove the dead mouse. Worthless Pet was kept outside where he prefers to be on such a warm sunny day, and the house was cleaned around the mousie.

Now look at him in kill mode. That catnip doesn't have a chance!

When the Boy came home, I met him at the bus and told him he had to immediately get rid of the mouse. He balked, and wanted to know why it was HIS job, but since he's the "man" of the house, he agreed to take it outdoors and fling it into the woods.

Now I know why Worthless Pet has been opening the pots and pans cupboards and climbing in and out of there. They're not on an outside wall, but the mouse must have come in with the plumbing.

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Blogger Tracy said...

Don't feel so bad. This past fall I found a frozen, dead mouse floating in the dog's water bowl (left outside for the night obviously) at work. I kept trying to dump the water over the back porch which is a steep drop into the woods. I tried to turn the water bowl around so that the dead creature was not "looking" directly at me. Of course, every time I turned the bowl the damn mouse floated around to face me!!! I tried to remain as calm as possible because I watch 3 kiddos as work so I didn't want to draw any attention to it all. But, I am pretty sure I screamed when I finally got up enough nerve to dump that thing over the porch. EEEEK!!!

8/3/06 7:17 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

hee hee!! I have soooo many pictures of my kitties sleeping off a good drunk with their heads resting on the cosmic catnip container. That container has so many puncture marks in it, it's more of a catnip SHAKER than a container.

10/3/06 9:23 PM  
Blogger Shane said...

cool cat. my parents have one that hunts geckos.

10/3/06 9:25 PM  

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