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Thursday, March 30, 2006


I give up. I've contacted our educational attorney, and as of Thursday morning, which would be today, I'm pulling the Girl out of her English class and will homeschool her for the last term, which coincidentally started this week. She will remain in school for the day, but will not attend English. I'm not even going to go into why. I think anyone that has read this blog (including all the teachers from our public school system) knows why. It's just enough. She can't stand being the target of a lousy teacher, and I can't stand sending her in to a classroom of a bully who either has serious personality issues or ought to be sitting in a psychiatrist's office at least 3 times a week to determine why he still is in a profession he obviously is unqualified for, and hates. Nobody could be such a jerkoff unless they have deep-seated issues of self-hatred. Adults don't pick on children unless they have really serious problems.

Now that I'm taking over, we can toss the 'literature' she's currently been assigned, a book about rape and teen angst. Such great literature belongs in the circular file, and that's just where it's going. That they made me PAY for this crap... man it burns my tush.

I'll be following the state curriculum, and we'll be doing what she does in her current English class, which is to read books aloud and work on vocabulary. Period. That's what they do. I'm pretty sure I can do better with my hands tied behind my back. Oh, let me ammend that. I KNOW I can do better. Perhaps it's the 10 years of teaching writing at the college level or the 5 years of teaching English at the secondary level. I think I've got the background covered.

Hottie Reporter

Anywhoooo, tonight on the ABC overnight news that I am so fond of watching (you insomnics out there must check out Ron Corning... what a cutie-pie) they did a story on Post Secret and showed Frank Warren, showing him sorting through all the postcards he receives daily. It never occurred to me that he gets hundreds of entries every day. I guess I never thought that so many of us had guilty little secrets, but apparently I was incorrect. Have you sent in a card? I have.

Laying on the couch

Moreover, the boy's therapist checked in today, and she and I came to some interesting conclusions, much of which I don't want to share here. But we both agreed that therapy must be getting either too challanging for him, or he's getting too close to opening up, which he hates to do, and so he's starting some really annoying behaviors. Time for a meet and greet with all of us together, we think. Friday gets busier and busier.

Weekend Update

But, something to look OH so forward to this weekend. The CraftBoston crafts show is on this weekend and we're going. I'm really psyched. They have top notch artists at this show, and even though I can't afford to buy anything, I love to look at the glass, ceramics, and clothes. Oh, the clothes, they are so spectacularly beeeeutiful. The jewelery is fabulous but unaffordable unless your last name is Trump. The Girl loves these shows too. The Boy, not so much, and might choose to stay home and watch TV and sneak his XBox which is still off limits. Oddly enough, my brother, the Lost Boy, might actually join us. I keep trying....
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Blogger Dr. Cissa Fireheart said...

Wow...I have to say I commend you for having the guts to pull the girl from Emglish class. But you certianly have the qualifications, so why the heck not??

I lucked out in that I never had teachers that hated teaching so much that they made anyone's lives miserable...not that I can recall anyway... Hats off to you for sticking to your guns and getting The Girl the education she deserves -- even if it means you have to do it yourself....I wish I had the patience and understanding to do that, although since I have been volunteering in my 5 year old's Pre-K class, I am starting to understand why people teach....

but I digress....Cheers to you! And good luck to you all!

30/3/06 8:08 AM  
Anonymous MetroDad said...

That really sucks about The Girl's school situation, Margalit. Sorry to hear about all the troubles. But the great thing about you homeschooling is that she'll definitely be in better hands (and will certainly be reading more worthy books.) Good luck with everything!

30/3/06 9:13 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Good for you. Wish more parents would advocate for their kids as much as you have. I'm sure you are just as good a teacher as Senor Psycho -- if not better, because you won't pick on a child.

30/3/06 1:48 PM  
Anonymous Im Chele In [dot] LA said...

OH lord school issues suck.
I am sorry....

30/3/06 2:03 PM  
Blogger sarah cool said...

(This is a little off topic)

Could you point me in the direction of some posts that are kind of "introductary"? I have no idea why you have a "tip jar" or why you don't work, and I'd love to know the back stories!! (If you've disclosed that at all, so if I'm nosy, feel free to tell me)

30/3/06 4:28 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

Sarah Cool,

These posts might help you.


30/3/06 5:56 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hello, I'm here from Michelle's. I haven't watched the news with Ron Corning yet, but now I think I will. He IS a hottie!

30/3/06 11:47 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Hey, if I'm posting twice, sorry...I don't think the last one went. :( Anyway, here from Michelle's! I haven't seen the news with Ron yet, but I think I'll watch now! He's a hottie for sure!

30/3/06 11:48 PM  
Blogger Chatty said...

Hold it? What grade is your daughter in? A book about teen angst and rape is being taught in public schools? I teach 8th grade English and we are reading Much Ado About Nothing. That's literature. I think I may have to read about this. I get pissed when sh*tty teachers make the good guys look bad.

31/3/06 4:36 PM  
Blogger WendyWings said...

Glad to hear you made good progress in regards to the English.
Love the glass !

31/3/06 4:39 PM  

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