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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Winter Camping

The Girl is going on her 8th grade school trip next Monday. This is a big event that she has so been looking forward to attending. They do all sorts of outdoor stuff like ropes course antics, snowshoeing, orienteering, and hiking. In New Hampshire. In the snow. In the winter. Where it's COLD.

The packing list is extensive, and covers pretty much any possible weather emergency. The Girl has two pairs of snow pants, one bib overall in a lighter weight, and one really heavy pair. She's got quite a few fleece tops, plenty of long underwear including a nice comfy silk pair, plenty of heavy socks, waterproof boots, a very warm down sleeping bag, a very warm hat and gloves, polypro socks, and just about anything else you can think of.

The deal is, the Girl is always cold. At home, in our 68 degree house, she wears a down jacket almost all the time. If she sits down to watch TV, she brings down her comforter from her bed, and uses 3 fleece blankets with the comforter to cover herself. Then she proceeds to complain about how she's freezing. I've had her thyroid tested more than once. The child is a walking radiator. She radiates heat outward, but evidentally keeps nothing inside. Thus, I'm worried that she's going to freeze to death in her little unheated cabin. I'm so glad I'm not going with her because I honestly don't think I could listen to the complaints for 5 days.

Although I've been winter camping, back in the days when my sanity was questionable, it's been oh, 30 or so years since I've gone camping in the snow. Things are way different now. I know that cotton is bad, wool is good. Unfortunately, wool is itchy, so we don't have any. Fleece has been invented and is a great fabric for wicking away dampness from the body. But I'm not too sure about long underwear. As I said, she has a couple of pairs of good ones, and some cotton thermal as well. Are those worth taking with her, or would she just get sweaty and then damp?

What kind of sunscreen does a winter camper use these days? Is there any particular chapstick or lotion she should bring? Oy vey, this is getting complicated. Fun, but complicated. I can't wait to hear all about her trip. The only downer is that the Math Teacher is going on the trip too. I'm SO not happy about this.

More about HER tomorrow.
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Anonymous Valbee said...

Margalit, have you looked into any of the Under Armour stuff that sporting goods stores carry? My son used to wear it for baseball and it definitely helped keep him warm in the dugout during those cold, early spring games. My boyfriend also wears it frequently in the wintertime. It's not cheap, but if she's cold all the time anyway, it might be an excellent investment for future warmth. :)

1/3/06 6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i went on the trip...the cabins get really really hot so dont worry about that. pack sunscreen cuz if theres snow on the ground one kid in my group got a sunburn and i suggest highly she packs sunglasses cuz u cant see once again if theres snow on the ground. the worst part are your hands they always seem to be cold. one kid brought like hand warmer things that you put in mittens and they were awesome we all attacked him for them so id get a lot of those. you come back kind of gross cuz theres no hto water. a little skinnier cuz your always moving but all in all it was one of th ebest expereinces of my life

1/3/06 11:38 PM  

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