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Friday, April 07, 2006

An average day in my life: April 6, 2006

Sorry to post this so late today. My monitor died this morning just as I turned on the computer, and I had to find the spare one in the basement, then rush to a business meeting, and then hook up the very crappy very small spare monitor just a second ago. So here is my entire day yesterday. For links to other Day in the Life posts, go see Sheryl at Paper Napkin.

4:00 am Go to bed after watching interesting son of Jacque Cousteau special on PBS. Read for a bit until I drift off to sleep.

5:50 am Alarm clock goes off. I open one eye and look out the window. Man, it seems dark out. I wake up the Boy by yelling his name three times, then getting out of bed and standing in his doorway yelling.

6:00 am Boy comes in to my room and screams "Mom, it's only 6 am, your clock must be wrong. I again open one eye, look at clock, look outside, realize that yes it IS dark for a reason, and reset clock. Go back to sleep.

6:05 am Boy is headed downstairs to get into trouble. I call him back up and tell him to go back to bed. He gets in my bed (phew, wearing underwear for once) and promptly falls back asleep.

6:50 am Alarm goes off again. This time Boy gets up and he's already dressed, so he's ready for school. I remind him 12 times to brush his teeth and then doze back to sleep.

7:00 am Girl gets up and starts talking to me about something or other. I sleep through most of it. I remind her to do the dishes she DIDN'T do last night, but promised to do this morning. She hems and haws, and I fall back to sleep.

7:14 am Boy's bus arrives and he yells Goodbye, Mom.

8:00 am Girl's friends arrive to pick her up and she heads off to school on foot.

9:40 am Phone rings and wakes me up again. I talk for a few minutes, then doze back to sleep after reading a chapter in my current book.

10:23 am. Wake up for good. Read a bit. Plan to get dressed eventually.

11:00 am Turn on Ellen and watch for a few minutes, then get bored and call a friend. Chat for a bit.

Noon Get my lazy ass out of bed and take a shower. Wash and dry hair.

12:30 pm Leave house and head towards other side of town for therapy appointment.

1:00 pm Arrive at therapy and talk about stuff for a bit, then get on a tangent about Lost.

1:50 pm Found CD next to car door in parking lot. Pick it up. It's unmarket. Take it home to listen to it. Leave therapy and cross town to get home. Eat a Nutragrain bar for breakfast on the way home.

2:20 pm Arrive home and turn on ATWT while I start writing this up. Get some work done whilst watching, emailed colleagues to remind them of project due Friday.

2:30 pm Realize I am hungry and make myself an onion bagel. Yum.

2:50 pm Boy supposed to get home from school and start campaign to play XBox for 2 hours. Did not arrive on time. Start looking at a recommended web site to find templates for work.

3:00 pm Take inventory of available veggies to make stir fry for dinner. Plenty of multicolored peppers! Yum. Meat I took out last night after dinner still isn't defrosted. Bummer. I'll cook it partially frozen. Wonder where boy is. Watch Dr Phil on plastic surgery freaks. Ugh.

3:21 pm Remember that Boy is staying late today to work with his Latin teacher on his Romulus founds Rome paper. Duh!

3.59 pm Boy comes home, discovers Netflix has sent "Clerks" and begs to watch it. Girl still not home. Hmmm.... check messages and find she has left a message when I was gone. She's trying out for Softball and will take the late bus home.

4:01 pm. Sit down to watch Clerks with the Boy.

4:20 pm. Decide Clerks is stupidest movie I've ever seen and begin to straighten up living room. Clear off coffee table, recycle pile of newspapers, put various writing implements away, pick up crap on floor, pile all shoes on front steps, straighten couch cushions, fold blankets. This house is a mess. I'm ridiculously anal. They don't mix well.

4:47 pm Clean up kitchen counters and make the Boy a bagel snack.

5:02 pm Complain bitterly about Clerks being worst movie ever made. Put dishes in sink, sweep kitchen floor, let cat outside, sit out on back step and watch cat survey property.

5:15 pm Go to pee and notice huge cat poop in litter box, so clean it out. Why does Worthless Pet poop in box when he's been outside for hours today? Annoying cat again lives up to his nickname.

5:20 pm. Pick up loose trash from idiot flute students next door neighbor teachers. Brats act like our house is a giant wastebasket. Tell parent of one student she is blocking driveway and to park in designated area. Grumble about damn spoiled brats to myself.

5:45 pm The Girl gets home and fills me in on softball practice. I listen with glazed eyes. She did well and only had to do 15 pushups, 3 for every error. One girl had to do over 250. She better make this team after the basketball fiasco.

6:00 pm Call from the Boy's guitar teacher saying he isn't coming today. Grrr, totally screws up dinner plans. Oh well, will make alternate plans.

6:05 pm Yell at the Girl to do the damn dishes that have been sitting now for 24 hours. She goes upstairs for first clothing change of the evening. Won't be the last. Dishes still not done.

6:06 pm The Boy goes outside to play soccer. Ah, quiet in the house. Turn on the local news.

6:20 pm The Boy comes and and begs for XBox time. He's playing FIFA soccer. I tell him to turn the sound down at least 5 times, then do it myself.

6:33 pm Still nagging at the Girl to do the dishes. She's gone upstairs to change clothing. She told me she's almost done, but has yet to turn on the water. She has, however, taken a bite out of a Key Lime Yogurt before discarding it in disgust, eaten a turkey sandwich, and played with the cat.

6: 45 pm Girl finishes dishes (sort of, she did enough to clean up counters) and I begin to prepare dinner. Cut up meat and marinate, cut up veggies, make rice, stir fry meat and veggies.

6:55 pm Boy announces he's not eating and makes himself a bowl of ramen noodles.

7:20 pm Dinner is served, Boy watches Simpsons while Girl and I eat.

8:00 pm Girl disappears upstairs to drool over Smallville, her favorite show (gag) and does not do dishes.

8:10 pm My boss calls and we have long and contracted conversation about business strategy, etc. We plan a trip for him to come up to Boston in the next couple of weeks. Goodie... I love him.

8:43 pm Get off phone and peek into kitchen. Sigh. It's a mess. I know I'm going to have to start nagging again. A never ending battle.

9:03 Go onto company Twiki and do some updating and uploading of work related stuff.

9:40 Pack up old DSL modem and thank G-d that we're getting FIOS soon. And new computer equipment. Check on wireless LAN to see if router is working correctly. It is.

9:39 pm Boy comes downstairs for dinner number two. He's STARVING. Makes himself a big bowl of oatmeal.

9:45 pm Remind the Girl that the dishes need to be done. Listen to excuse number 2,956,893 about why she's not gotten them done yet. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

10:04 pm. The Boy takes his medication, hugs me so hard he almost knocked me off my office chair, and went to bed. The Girl has STILL not done the dishes, but she's screamed at me several times when I've nagged 'reminded' her.

10:05 pm Turned on ER. Can't decide if it's a repeat or not.

10:17 pm After brushing cat, telling me an idea about her English project and changing into pajamas, the Girl is finally doing the dishes. And people say nagging is ineffectual! Ha!

11:00 pm. The Girl massages my toes on my right foot, which are aching from my foot being so swollen. Didn't take my pee pills today. Big mistake.

11:07 pm The Girl goes up to bed, Worthless Pet runs after her, and I'm alone for the first time in hours. Watching the local news.

11:11 pm Check kids MySpace accounts. Everything looks good today, nothing scary, nothing inappropriate. A good night.

11:15 pm The Girl comes downstairs. She's changed AGAIN. Now she's wearing pajamas, before it was "lounging clothes". Oy Vey! She's trying on baseball cleats from the Boy's little league days. She says they fit. I highly doubt it. Now she's worried about spiders in the cleats. That child is going to drive me insane. She also has to find her glove. I have no clue as to where it is. NONE. She will have to borrow the Boy's glove. There will be sparks flying over that one.

11:30 pm Letterman's on, so I'll watch in background as I do some web surfing.

11:38 pm . Look up and realize that Letterman isn't on, some shitty golf update is on instead. Golf. Who the hell cares? Luckily I have Israeli sunflower seeds to tide me over and cheer me up. Man, I love those things. Addictive.

11:50 pm Letterman finally shows up, only 20 minutes late. It's a repeat only I didn't see it initially, so it's new to me. Oh boy.

12:56 am. Turning off the computer for the night. Watching Craig Fergeson (man, he is hot) then I'll either watch something on PBS for a while, or go upstairs to bed to read and watch the ABC news with my best hottie newscaster, Ron Corning.

1:30 am Damn, Ron Corning isn't on tonight. Watch a bit of news, then give up and go upstairs to bed.

1:35 am Down my 8 pills I take nightly, wash my face, brush my teeth, braid my hair, and get into PJs. See, like normal people, I only change my outfit once a day.

1:45 am Get into bed, pick up book and read for a while.

3:15 am Worthless Pet comes in for nightly snuggle. Pet him for a while, turn off light, and we both go to sleep.

6:50 am Boy, BOY get up. Boy, GET UP NOW. And the cycle starts all over again.
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Anonymous Sheryl said...

I see not a lot changes as they get oldr, they're just home less ;o) Thanks a lot for sharing your day with us!

7/4/06 6:17 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

What are Israeli sunflower seeds?

This reminded me a lot about my mom and I when I was 13. She would tell me to do something and I would ignore her. Or yell.

I enjoyed reading this.

8/4/06 1:08 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a day, Margalit! I LOVE Craig Fergeson, too!!! YUM!
It's fascinating to read your day, hour by hour...interesting food eaten by one and all, too! (lol)

Here from Michele tonight, my dear...!

8/4/06 10:15 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Wow, do u keep a journal, this is great.
Via Michele

8/4/06 10:18 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Enjoyable blog - in addition to your Day in the Life, I checked out your other entries and found the Pesach one particularly interesting. That would so not happen if I were Jewish. (Leading, perhaps, to a bit of Jewish guilt...)

Oh, and Worthless Pet? Is absolutely my cat's new official name.

9/4/06 11:17 AM  
Blogger Jenorama said...

I wish I could get by on so little sleep as you can.

I enjoyed this too!

9/4/06 5:54 PM  

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