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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Far far away in another galaxy

We visited the Museum of Science today. It was cold and drizzly and a museum visit seemed like a good thing to do on a day like this.

We got to the museum and got tickets almost immediately because we have a member pass. I paid for two extra visits, one to see the planetarium Star Wars show, and one to get into the special exhibit of Star Wars costumes and props from the movie. I've been promising to take the kids for a long time, and the show is about ready to close so I just had to grin and bear it, even though it cost a small fortune to get into everything

We first stopped at the exhibits on the first floor and did a bunch of the interactive stuff. The Girl and I particularly liked the magnetic pictures we made out of little chains. That was fun. I made the sailboat, she made the house and garden.

The Boy finally learns how to brush his teeth with this model. If only we could get him to do this at home!
The Boy liked the little diorama on how to build the pyramids. Of course, I had to start singing "Let my people go" to completely embarass the kids.

We then went off to see the Electricity Show. If you've never seen this, try as hard as you can to make a special trip to see the Van de Graaff generator. This 35' high generator creates actual lightning bolts inside the museum theatre. The noise is loud, the lightning scary, and the whole show is just a blast. It's one of our favorite things to see in any museum, and we try to never miss it, despite the show only being available for viewing 4 times a day.

After the electricity show, we had to head right to the Planetarium where we had tickets to see the Star Wars show. I don't know about you, but planetariums always have the same effect on me; instant snoozing. I love the shows, but the seats are so comfy and you stretch out in the dark and there's soothing classical music, and the next thing I know it, the show is over. This experience was no different than any other, except that the Girl also fell asleep right after I did. Kinda a waste of money, but the nap was nice.

Next stop was the gift shop, which is always a must go experience. They have a great giftshop at this museum, and lots to play with. The Boy found a lava lamp he was dying for, and the Girl fell hard for a pair of geode bookends. They were really lovely. Me, I fell head over heels with a really cool big gong wind chime. It was great and it made the coolest gong sound. Just what I needed. Consequently we bought nothing but some water at the cafe.

Finally it was time to go to the main Star Wars exhibit. I gotta admit, I wasn't looking forward to this at all, but the Boy was dying to go and he's such a geeky Star Wars fan that I didn't think it was fair to let this opportunity pass by, even though the Girl and I were not enthusiastic.

We got into the exhibit after waiting on line for a bit, and first thing we saw were some of the props from the movies. I'm sorry, I'm going to disappoint all you SW fanatics, but I don't know what the hell any of this stuff was, despite having seen all of the movies multiple times in theatres, and thousands more at home. So I'll just present a few pictures and you can fill in the blanks for me with what I don't know.

First, the Girl looking witheringly at me forcing her to stand next to Chewbacca and Hans solo and pose. After this pic, she found a bench and sat there bored out of her skull.

Then we saw this ship, which may or may not be the Millenium Falcon.

Here are a bunch of characters. Here's Darth/Anakin. And some friends? Enemies? Who knows?

Here are more ships.

Here are weapons. And light sabres. Light sabres are way cool.

Here are more characters and costumes. I know these...R2D2, Princess Leah, and C3PO. See, I'm not a total Star Wars heathen.

Here are more ships.

I don't know what this thing is, but it's cool.

Wookies! And the Boy.

More charaacters.

More damn ships.

More and more and more and more. My feet were killing me. The Girl was falling asleep on the bench. I joined her. The Boy finall agreed to go home.

But of course, there was a Star Wars themed gift shop on the way to the exit. So the Boy got involved in looking for that special $120 neon light sabre he wants, while the Girl and I yawned and held each other up. But then... we saw the nerdy gift to end all nerdy gifts. The Star Wars chess set. We had to photograph it. And when we showed it to the Boy, he said he really wanted one. Oh Lord, what did I do wrong?

Home to spaghetti, lousy tv and now it's bedtime. I'm planning on sleeping all day tomorrow.
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Blogger Crayonsetc said...

Sounds like a great time... and dh would have been right there with the boy!! I swear he has read every star wars book they have put out!!! (do you realize how many there really are???)

Still here via Michele!!

23/4/06 2:19 PM  
Blogger Carmi said...

I admire your fortitude. I've never much understood the appeal of Star Wars. Campy characters and writing...not much plot. Essentially an excuse to sell more stuff.

Yet when placed in a museum context, the artistry of it all manages to emerge. Thanks for the very detailed glimpse into your day. I wish the exhibit were closer to home: I'd take our eldest.

23/4/06 2:49 PM  
Blogger Tracy said...

Thank you for the pictures! I wanted so badly to take the my boys and hubby-to-be's boys to the exhibit! All four are HUGE Star Wars fans. I find it pretty cool myself. (sorry..lol) We took them all to the museum about 3 or 4 years ago and spent way too much money but had a blast. I am bummed we didn't make it to this exhibit though.

I love the MOS and have so many great memories of going as a kiddo. It's so cool to watch your kids climb in the very same space capsule you did as a kid :)

23/4/06 5:28 PM  
Blogger Shane said...

oh man, i think i would have joined you and the girl on the bench. I may have even shoved both of you off to lay in full prone positoin. lol

30/4/06 2:39 PM  

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