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Monday, April 10, 2006

Getting a bit cranky, are we?

This is the time when women (and yes, it's invariably women) in homes all over the world swear that there is no way they're ever going to get caught up. The cleaning, the cooking, the organizing, the shopping,; it's all just way too much work for....

Pesach. Passover. What a holiday. This is the holiday where women need steriods just to get through it all.

Lets catch up, shall we? The other day I talked about cleaning. You might assume that by now, a couple of days before the holiday, my house would be cleaned, right? You would be dead wrong. Tomorrow I'll be cleaning alongside my cleaning help. Then, and only then will the house be declared kosher for Passover.

Have I ignored cleaning so far? Why no, I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. It's just that cleaning an entire house from top to bottom is, oh, impossible. I've got one side of the kitchen turned over. I've got other things cleaned in patches from top to bottom. But over all, nope, not done by a longshot. Fortunately, I have done the fridge and the shelves that hold the Pesach food.

How about shopping? How's that coming? Two separate trips to the various stores and I'm all set except for the wine. I forgot a bottle of sweet wine (Mogen David Concord Grape, YUM) for the kids. Otherwise, done. I hope. I'm sure that I'll be in the store mid-holiday for something I've forgotten.

How much have I spent so far? Oh, conservatively about $550 for a week's worth of food and drink. This would be about the same amount as a month's worth of regular food. And people wonder why I'm a tad bit cranky.

How's the cooking coming? HA HA HA. Cooking? Oh crap, I knew there was something I forgot. Seriously, I've made the charost. A lot of charoset. Enough to keep us in charoset for quite some time. Made with 8 apples of various kinds, a box of raisins, and at least a pound of almonds and walnuts, plus almost a full bottle of sweet wine. VERY tasty, and hopefully enough to keep us happy for the week. The apple kugel and the potato kugel are both in the freezer. I bought cakes and macaroons. I can't be baking right now. We'll deal with store bought, although I admit that I bought Oberlanders Almond Macaroons in both chocolate and white. YUM.

What's left to prepare? Besides the turkey, we've got a brisket in tsimmes that will cook on Wed during the day. I have to make the gefilte fish, the chicken soup, and matzoh balls on Tuesday. Still have to roast the asparagus, make the hard-boiled egg, roast the shankbone, and get the seder plate ready. Oh, then I have to get the huge dead monitor off my dining-room table, get the table set, and the room arranged.

What are the kids doing to help? The boy helped taste the charoset by sticking his mug into the bowl and begging for some. I can always count on him for help. The Girl, as usual, skipped out on the cleaning up of the kitchen tonight, and I ended up doing it. She has done very little else. They both carried in groceries and helped put away the pesach food after I cleaned up the shelves. Oh, and they've both complained bitterly anytime they've been asked to help. The Girl, in her defense, did make a lovely flower arrangement for the table.

What is getting in the way of my finishing? Why, tomorrow is Opening Day for the Red Sox at Fenway Park. How can I miss opening day? Baseball, it's been very very good to me.

What can you do to help? Pray, people, pray for me. Send good vibes. Hope that I'll get it together in time.
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Blogger Tracy said...

I need to take a second job just thinking about $550 for groceries in one week. Eeeek! That buys about month's worth for us here too.
I will be watching the Sox today too thanks to a vomiting child and an unexpected day off! Go Sox!!!
Also, The Girl is oh-so-cute with her pretty flower arrangement :)

((Good vibes))

11/4/06 9:46 AM  
Blogger Belinda said...

Man, that is one stuffed refrigerator.

11/4/06 10:55 PM  
Blogger margalit said...

You should see it now. It is so stuffed I'm afraid to open it. It has 2 big tubs of charoset (different kinds) and a huge tub of chopped liver that I just made tonight, plus 2 big logs of gefilte fish I made earlier today. I can't wait to get that turkey out of there so I can fit in something else.

I'm soooo hungry. I'm living on bananas.

11/4/06 10:59 PM  
Blogger Ali said...

i will pray for you if you promise to pray for me.

my mother decided that my ENTIRE family was going to come to me for the first days and STAY with me.

AND it's erev yuntif and I'M AT WORK, hoping between my mother, my nanny and the husband, everything gets done.


12/4/06 8:26 AM  

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