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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

G'wan kids, go shopping

Blogher isn't looking promising for me. I want to go, I'm entering both contests offering free room and board, but I need a flight. That's where you come in, readers. I've created a store filled with merchandise for you to purchase. My products feature the artwork of the wonderfully talented Secret Agent Josephene, who worked hard to the create the images. I can personally recommend a couple of the items in the store that I use often.

We use the tote bag for carrying books and media to and from the library, and for small shopping trips.

I use the laptop bag for work, carrying a notebook, papers and books to and from my coffeeshop office.

I wear my t-shirt, and my kids wear theirs. Sometimes we wear them all at the same time, unplanned. We're adorable!

Join us by wearing your own What Was I THINKING? designs. We'll love you forever, love you for always...

Don't forget to donate to the "Send a Woman to Blogher" campaign. You'll find the link on the upper left sidebar.
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Blogger Belinda said...

Queen of Spain And Kids is giving away a BlogHer scholarship, too. I don't know if that means she can't come and is giving away her own stuff, or what. I think details are on her site.

20/4/06 12:55 AM  

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