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Sunday, April 09, 2006

If only real life was like this

Santos kills Vinnick's butt.... news at 11.

Did you watch West Wing tonight? OK, I'm maybe an old fart, but I love the West Wing and I'm having separation anxiety already, and we still have Leo's funeral to get through. I love this show. I think it's brilliant, even in it's decline.

Tonight was the show with the election results. If only this was real, we would have a President who is bright, thinks for himself, is sensitive to ethnicity, is reality-based, and who knows how to avoid bad advice from his underlings. Man, wouldn't it be GREAT if we had any of this in real life? Even Vinnick (Alan Alda) looks decent, despite the jackasses he has on his campaign staff. Thank goodness he had the brains to concede instead of listening to his 'advisors' to make a legal issue out of Leo's death. What absolute pricks.

Jimmy Smits, the incredible hottie that plays Matt Santos, has done a magnificent job of showing the complexities and stresses of running a campaign. He's dealt with an unruly media, a vomiting kid on camera, a wife that wears a thong getting caught in a media frenzy, a VP (Leo McGarry, played by the wonderful John Spencer, who died recently in real life) who died on the show tonight, 1.5 hours before the polls were to close in California. The way Leo's death was reported, the acting Martin Sheen bestowed upon us, and the pain in the faces of Donna, Josh, and CJ gave us a glimpse into what real acting is all about.

Instead of looking forward to a change in Washington, we still have 1016 more days of Dumbass Bush, the two-faced liar and media blabber to deal with. Why isn't real life more like TV? Because smart people created and wrote the West Wing, and brought us snappy dialog about real issues without a drunken drooling fool who can't pronounce the word "nuclear" representing America to the world. Man, it's so embarassing when an actor looks like so much of a better choice than what we have today.

So you GO, Matt Santos. In my book, you can be my President anyday. Listen, even Hello Kitty would be a better choice, right? And she doesn't even have a mouth. Hmmmmm......

Tell the truth, wouldn't you love to know that Laura Bush wears a thong?
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Anonymous Laura said...

I must be the only person in the country that hasn't watch the West Wing yet! It gets so much press,but I just haven't got around to it yet. I'm addicted to LOST, Boston Legal and Greys Anatomy.

Thanks for stopping by my site earlier! Loved the layout and your header, "if you cant be in Jamaica, then Boston's pretty cool." got a laugh out of that one! ;)

10/4/06 6:04 AM  
Blogger Hannita said...

I caught some of that episode last night. I love the show but often get caught up with Extreme Makeover which is on at that same time, I think.
Got to your page through Sheryl by the way.

10/4/06 4:07 PM  

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