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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's (ACHOOO) Spring at Last!

This afternoon I took the two miscreants to their respective therapy appointments. Or rather, the Girl to her scheduled appointment and the Boy to his impromptu session in the park across the street. His therapist gave him the choice of going to get some coffee at Dunks or the park, and he went with the park.

I followed behind and gloried in the beauty that is spring in New England. Maybe it's because we have such a hellacious winter, but spring really means something around here. People come out of their burrows and bring the kids to playgrounds and tops go down on the convertables and you see toes in sandals instead of encased in UGGS. It's just special enough that people want to celebrate it, unlike in warm climates where there aren't real seasons.

So I bring you a taste of spring. These two photos are my two favorite trees in my fair city. They happen to be right across from each other at the park, and when my kids were little, they would hide in the weeping beech and giggle like mad as I pretended I didn't know where they were. The conifer is gorgeous, a really amazing specimen that you can enter inside and it gets all quiet like in the middle of a pine forest. I don't know the variety of the conifer, but I'd love to have one.

The weeping beech looks like somebody sneaking up on you when it's devoid of leaves, but when the leaves come in, it's a deep dark green color and absolutely perfect for hiding in. I'll take another pic this summer when it's in full leaf.

The boy decided to wear this shirt, unknowing that he might run into his therapist. She loved it, and teased him about his superpowers. The sad on the bench and talked while I watched the little kids on the playground. Then, when they were done, I snapped this gem of him in front of a forsythia in full bloom.

The final photos are my neighbor's garden. She lives behind us and this garden is on a mound at the end of the street. It is astounding in the spring, so alive and so fragrant. It isn't a summer garden, but she does have some perennials in there for summer.

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Blogger Tracy said...

I love The Boy's shirt :)

22/4/06 12:33 PM  

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