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Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's all just so shrill

My kids are great. They're funny and smart and they mostly behave in acceptable manner considering their age and diagnosis.

They are also the shrillest human beings on the planet. There are days when I think "you know, ear plugs would be ever so nice right about now." They don't mean to be shrill, it's just that they both are rather loud, and appear to have no volume control. Sometimes when the girl is telling me one of her long, dragged out story, she'll starting getting louder and louder and I'll remind her to shhhhh up her voice, and she'll lower it for about 4 words and then she's off again. I swear it, if it isn't shouted, it isn't worth saying should be her motto.

Since she's been removed from computer use for two weeks, she's constantly on the phone. Constantly. Like she never never shuts up. She's screaming at top volume right now to her poor friend on the phone. The same friend she's spoken to at least 4 times today. What on earth can you converse about 4 times in one day? I've got no idea because I'm not a phone talker as a rule. I'm not phone phobic, but I'm not a call and chat kinda girl.

She's shreiking and yelling and in general having a grand old time upstairs on the phone.

What I don't get is why every parent of every friend she has loves her. LOVES her. They all tell me about what a nice kid she is (she is!) and how polite she is (um, who are they talking about?) and how friendly and well spoken she is. I gotta wonder if she's got a clone someplace that does all her public appearances because honestly, I have no idea of who the kid they're describing and the kid that lives in my house could possibly be one and the same.

Actually, I know my kids are polite. I've drilled manners into them since they were infants. Manners are important to me and I believe that they do make a huge difference in how they're perceived as young adults. Apparently I was right. They like her. They really really like her!

So what about you? Do you practice manners with your kids? Do you think it makes a difference in how their friend's parents view you and your children? Do you notice kids with not so sterling manners when they play at your house? Do you try to instill manners in other kids who are in your home, or just leave it to their parents?
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Blogger Belinda said...

Lord, YES, manners count! All manners are is a way to show that you have respect for other people, and the ultimate in good manners, to me (this may be the hard-core Southerner showing, I don't know) is someone whose goal is to ensure the comfort and ease of those around her/him.

I'm trying hard with Bella. And she's doing well, for a three-year-old. But I do tell her on a daily basis, "Child, you are the LOUDEST human being I've ever met in my life."

1/5/06 1:36 AM  

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