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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kudos to BlogMad Support Team

Those of you that have used Blogmad to surf must have noticed today that they lost their database and that means all the Blogmad users lost their credits and profiles. Some users were lucky enough to have retained their profiles. I was not so lucky. When I went on this evening to surf, I noticed that my account was really bizarre. It made no sense. Once I read the homepage and saw that they had experienced a database corruption, I chatted with some other users, who told me how to get my profile and credits back.

I emailed Blogmad support and within an hour they had restored my credits and had gifted me with an extra thousand credits. I couldn't believe it. What a gift. Now I can play games without guilt. :-)

I don't use the other surf sites since Blogmad went live. I like it, the blogs that I see when surfing are, for the most part, interesting and introduce me to a bunch of different bloggers that I'd never find otherwise. I mean, where am I ever going to find a blogger from Nepal just hanging around my corner of the 'net? But I did on Blogmad and spent hours reading his site. It was like a private tour of his gorgeous country.

So Kudos to Blogmad for restoring my account and gifting me with so many points. Now excuse me while I go explore the games.
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Blogger jane said...

I like BlogMad too, but I haven't played any of the games yet.

20/4/06 1:05 PM  
Blogger WendyWings said...

I am glad they sorted out your credits. I got a nice little pay out as well. blogmad database corruption was a bad bad thing.
Michele sent me but I was overdue for a visit anyway.

20/4/06 11:34 PM  

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